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“The bacon contest is about to begin. Time to eat bacon. . . or be bacon.”
— Anomalo

Anomalo (also known as Chef Silento) is a crooked chef spirit fused with a large collection of cockroaches who in life aided Lady E with her soul obtaining plans and was the former owner of the Shrimp Shack.

Official Description

Site Bio

"Anomalo is a bizarre mix of human and cockroaches (yes, plural). He has an insatiable appetite for bacon and has won plenty of eating contests in his life – and afterlife. Anomalo was a powerful tool in Lady E.’s soul essence-collecting plot back when his seafood restaurant was a popular high-class establishment. He’s nothing but a crude butcher with a sinister agenda."

App Bio

"This chef is a real cockroach. He always has something cooking, and always something foul."


Don't Choke Now

Anomalo confronts Parker and Jack at the Shrimp Shack when they are looking for Spencer. He demands that they take part in the bacon eating contest or else they will die.

He is able to grab an early lead, but is outsmarted by the Ghost Hunters as they used Spencer without him noticing. Instead of letting them go, he attacks the Hunters with knives. Parker is able to grab her phone, but is surrounded by Anomalo with Spencer acting as his shield. Jack then calls for Spencer, which gives Parker a chance to capture the evil chef.


Spew (App)

Anomalo can throw a volley of Gloom bullets that will home in and hit a variety of targets.


Anomalo, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Anomalo, like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.


Anomalo is wearing a yellow bowler hat paired with a collared shirt. He is also wearing a green baking apron in front of his shirt. His body is made up of 7 torsos, resembling several cockroaches. His seven right hands are each holding one fork each, whereas his seven left hands are holding one knife each.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 1

Night of the Harbinger


  • “Welcome children. Why don't you stay awhile.”
  • “The bacon contest is about to begin. Time to eat bacon... or be bacon!”
  • “Of course. But in one-hundred and thirty years, I've never lost!”
  • “Ready? Begin!”
  • “What?”
  • “My you were hungry. But I still have room for ONE! MORE! COURSE!”
  • “Never. The last course is... YOU!”
  • “Here comes the salad fork!”
  • “No! No! NOOOO!”


  • He's a member of the Wild Ghosts.
  • His name is a pun on "anomaly."
  • Much like the Bawa and the Maw, Anomalo has one of the most bizarre ghost forms of the Boss Ghosts in the Hidden Side, with his looking like a centipede made of human torsos.
  • Curiously, in the App game, his name was misspelled as "Anomolo."
  • Because of the Shrimp Shack's sign in "Don't Choke Now" says "Joe's Shrimp Shack," Anomalo's status as the restaurant's owner and the episode's credits lists him as "Chef Silento," it's possible that his former human name was Joe Silento.
    • However, this is unconfirmed.
  • In "Don't Choke Now," he states that he hasn't lost a Bacon eating contest in one hundred and thirty years.
  • He's the first Boss Ghost to be captured by the Ghost Hunters before the Battle of Newbury High School.
  • He, Ellen Tucana, and Lady E. are the only known Ghost whose appearances as a human has been revealed.
    • Coincidentally, Anomalo and Ellen Tucana were both associates of Lady E.
  • He is the fourth Ghost to be fused with an object.
  • Anomalo's appearance may be a reference to the horror trilogy Human Centipede.
  • Anomalo is one of the few Boss ghosts to have a non-bigfig body.


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