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“The cool, new Ghost Hunting gear is just a freakin' coffee machine?!”
Jack Davids

Bat Crazy is the fourth episode of the first season, and fourth overall of LEGO Hidden Side. It was released on November 15, 2019.

Official Description

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A simple mission: collect a package from the train station. So why are Jack and Parker flying through the air in a haunted train all of a sudden? Watch and find out – and don’t miss the surprise at the end!


Parker and Jack are at Newbury Railroad Station to pick up something J.B. ordered, to which Jack hopes is a battery for their phones while Parker hopes it is a plutonium laser beam. This results in them placing a bet that the loser has to do the winner's homework.

When they come across the package, The Bawa appears and possess the train before flying off with Parker and Jack, who are still on the train. Parker immediately calls Douglas, who dons his El Fuego costume, and drives off in the Stunt Truck to chase after the flying train.

As Jack suggests they head for the front to shut off the engine, Parker notices some Ghosts, forcing them to defend themselves by capturing them in their phones, with Parker asking Jack if he wants to change the bet, but he declines. The Ghosts then return to the train as The Bawa then deposed it, causing it to fall before repossessing it and starts to spin it around, resulting in Parker almost falling off, but Jack manages to save her.

They soon notice the Stunt Truck, dragging a trampoline along. With no other choice, Parker uncouple the package and jump off with it onto the trampoline.

Parker and Jack bring the package back to J.B.'s Lab, but to their shock and annoyance, it was just a coffee machine. Since they both lost the bet, they had to do each other’s homework, until J.B. tells them the machine can do their homework too, as they need to concentrate more on Ghost Hunting.


Locations Featured


  • Boss Ghost(s): The Bawa
  • This marks the first episode where Spencer doesn't make an appearance.
    • This also marks the first appearance of The Bawa.


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