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This party is about to get LIT!”
— Blaze M. Barr, "Night of the Harbinger"

Blaze M. Barr is a Boss Ghost that appeared in LEGO Hidden Side.


Blaze M. Barr resembles a Ghost big-fig made out of coal. He has flames surrounding him, with white eyes and mouth.


Site Bio

A former fire-fighter and pyromaniac, Blaze M. Barr had the best of both worlds. He was living the dream. No one ever figured out his secret – that he happily started most of those fires he so bravely extinguished in Newbury. Oh, well. One fateful day, his luck ran out and he perished in the flames of one last breathtaking blaze. As a fire ghost, he can really light up a room with his fiery puns and burns.

Most Wanted Ghosts: Blaze M. Barr

A former fire-fighter and pyromaniac, Blaze M. Barr was living the dream. No one ever figured out his secret – that he happily started most of those fires he so bravely extinguished in Newbury. Now, as a fire ghost, he can really light up a room with his fiery puns and sarcastic burns!

App Bio

Back in the day Blaze was an eager fireman. He had an evil tendency to create his own work.


Blaze M. Barr was a ghost trapped in the Hidden Side. When the Ghost Hunters attempted to seal a hole to the Hidden Side, Barr escaped into a lantern and then confronted the Ghost Hunters. They fought him until Jack Davids threw a fire extinguisher at him and Parker L. Jackson turned it on, putting out the fire on his right arm, the Barr fled to the outskirts of Newbury. The Ghost Hunters followed him and Parker, using a fallen "Welcome to Newbury" sign as a catapult, launched Jack at the fire ghost and allowed him to capture him. Barr currently resides inside Jack's phone.


Firestarter (App)

Blaze M. Barr can overheat the Hunter's shooting mechanic for a while.


Blaze M. Barr, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Blaze M. Barr, like all Ghosts, can possess humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Night of the Harbinger


  • He is a member of the Anger Ghosts.
  • His middle initial and last name is a play on the word “ember.”
  • According to both his Site Bio and Most Wanted Bio, Blaze appears to be a joke-teller of some sort.
  • He is the first ghost to be associated with fire, the second being Murray Andreeves.
    • Coincidentally, they are both Anger Ghosts who used to work in the fire department. However, it's currently unknown if it was the same fire department.
  • He is the third Ghost to have an axe as his own Soul Artifact. The other two being Spewer (a pickaxe) and Lady Evelina (a Woodsman's Axe).
  • Despite having a colour scheme of orange and yellow, Blaze is classified as an Anger Ghost.
  • He is the fifth ghost who was known for a certain crime in life (Arson). The other four are Trucker Dale (carjacking), Joe Ishmael (looting sunken ships), Kreatoru (being Joe Ishmael’s partner in crime), and Samuel Mason (being a highwayman).
  • Blaze M. Barr's charred like design is a reference to a real life ghost called the Char Man.
  • Blaze M. Barr's appearance on the sets looks a bit different than his profile picture on the app.
  • He can appear anywhere where fire is, as seen in Night of the Harbinger when he comes out of a lamp, and a jack o' lantern.


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