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“Poor boy! You can't beat us, so why don't you join us?!”
Lady Evelina to Jack, "Grave Situation"

The Boss Ghosts are the main adversaries of LEGO Hidden Side.


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Known Members


  • Many of the Boss Ghosts are Humans, though a few come in the form of strange spiritual forms of inanimate objects, items, or odd creatures, such as Spewer or The Maw.
    • Mr. Nibs is a Human, but he took on the appearance of Lady E's old Teddy Bear.
  • The Boss Ghosts that appeared in the largest LEGO Hidden Side set of each wave are usually viewed as the final boss of the wave.
  • All of the Boss Ghosts have an important item that's tied to them, which can then be used in summoning them.
    • These items are normally called "Soul Artifacts."
      • The Soul Artifacts are radiating with gloom.
      • The first Soul Artifact the Ghost Hunters found was the Teddy Bear.
      • Upon touch, the Soul Artifacts will allow their ghostly owner to haunt the living side.
  • Trucker Dale, Tragico, Blaze M. Barr, and Maxine Turbo are the only Boss Ghosts with a known death.
  • Lady E., Mamali, Anomalo, and The Bawa are the only Boss Ghosts that don't resemble a big-fig.
  • All of the Final Boss Ghosts except Tragico are Sad Ghosts.
  • Samuel Mason (highwayman), Trucker Dale (Car thief), Joe Ishmael (Looting sunken ships), Kreatoru (Joe’s partner-in-crime), Rat Shaun (bank robber), and Blaze M. Barr (Arson), are the only known boss ghosts who were known for a certain crime in life.
  • Most of the Boss Ghosts had some connection to Lady Evelina in life, but others, such as Trucker Dale, only became associated with her after their death.
  • The only boss Wave 1 and 2 boss ghost to survive the events of Seasons 1 and 2 is Mr. Nibs.
  • All three waves have at least one Boss Ghost associated with water:


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