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“Yargh! Ye be walking the plank!”
— Captain Archibald

Captain Archibald, also known as the Menace with Mercy, or simply Archibald, was in life a feared pirate captain who terrorized the Gulf of Mexico before becoming Lady E's chief officer.

Official Description

Site Bio

Captain Archibald was once the scourge of the Mexican Gulf and known as the ‘Menace with Mercy’. A plundering pirate with fire in his eyes, a hook on his arm and an octopus named Squiddy on his shoulder. And then he was recruited by Lady E. as her chief officer! He has now merged with Squiddy into an inseparable paranormal force to be reckoned with (or better yet, avoided completely).

App Bio

Half Pirate, half Octopus. He is armed with a newly sharpened cutlass, and a heart as black as his octopus ink.


Sink or Swim

When Parker is looking at the ocean, Captain Archibald appears and takes Parker into the water, claiming that Parker "will do just fine for the Lady". However, Jack is able to save her.

When the Ghost Hunters get to the docks, they see the Shrimp Boat charging for them along with Archibald on top of it. Parker and Jack begin to flee while shooting at the boat, but they shoot at Captain Jonas and Jonas Jr. who become free from their possession. After getting scared by Archibald, they too flee.

Eventually, they are able to make it inside the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Archibald tries to attack the vehicle, but his arm gets cut off as the door closed.

Skeleton in the Closet

Inside Newbury High School, Captain Archibald is observing the rest of the Boss Ghosts place their Soul Artifact into the potion. When Dr. Drewell hesitates for a moment, Archibald questions what he's doing before Dr. Drewell finally places his Soul Artifact into the potion. After everyone is finished, Archibald pours the potion onto Lady E.'s portrait and they wait for the light of the Blood Moon until the Ghost Hunters storm the area.

Later, Archibald's pet Squiddy attacks Parker, but then he is captured.


Being a hybrid of octopus and pirate, Archibald has very long arms and legs, and owns a large statue compared to the average human. His skin mainly red, but the octopus which is attached to him is purple. A white shirt covers his main body with a gold chain wrapped around his neck, along with a red coat tattered along the rimming.


Kraken Call (App)

Archibald can summon an abyssal tentacle that will attack the nearest target within range.


Archibald, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Archibald, like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 1

Night of the Harbinger


  • He is a member of the Anger Ghosts.
  • When playing the Shrimp Boat set in the app game, his tentacles are shown destroying the ship's motor in the beginning.
    • His tentacles also make appearances in other levels of the app, including the Tree and Plane levels, except the tentacles in the last one are colored a dark blue.
      • Because of this, he is arguably the only other Boss ghost to make a cameo in multiple levels. (Mamali makes an appearance in the Graveyard, Tree, and Castle sets, although the last two are arguable.)
  • Despite being both pirates, it is unknown if Crooked Sven Robin and Captain Archibald were members of the same crew.
    • Coincidently, they are both Anger Ghosts, big figs, and wield a similar cutlass.
  • He is the seventh Ghost to be fused with an object.
  • At an unknown point, he and Colonel Vendette got into a battle with each other.
    • It is also heavily implied that they both died during this fight.


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