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“Hard work reaps rewards, my boy.”
— Jonas

Captain Jonas is the captain of the Shrimp Boat. He is the father of Jonas Jr. He was possessed by a Ghost and turned into a Gloombie.


At an unknown time he became a Shrimp Fisherman and had a son named Jonas Jr., who would become a fisherman working for him.

Sink or Swim

While Captain Jonas and his son Jonas Jr. were fishing, a Cutlass lands on their ship. Jonas picks it up and immediately turns into a Gloombie.

After Jack saves Parker from Captain Archibald, the Shrimp Boat charges for them, and the Hunters barely avoid the oncoming collision. When they reach the dock, the Shrimp Boat returns, along with Archibald on top of it. The Ghost Hunters flee and use their phones to stop the oncoming boat, but they shoot at Jonas and Jonas Jr., breaking free from their possession. After getting scared by Archibald, they also get off the boat and flee with Parker and Jack.

Eventually, all four of them make it inside the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Archibald attempts to attack the vehicle, but his arm gets cut off when the door closes. After seeing the arm move, Jonas squishes it, ending all of their troubles.


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  • He is the only Gloombie with tentacles.
  • Because he is shown holding the Cutlass of Captain Archibald, it's highly possible that he is the Ghost possessing Captain Jonas.
    • This explains the tentacles he gains as a Gloombie.


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