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“Everyone has fears, but the fearless run toward them.”
— Douglas

Douglas Elton, alias El Fuego, is the groundskeeper of Newbury Middle and High School and a Stunt Driver as well as a member of the Ghost Hunters. He sacrificed his body to prevent Lady E. from returning to Newbury, but came back as a Ghost and possessed the skeleton from the Newbury High School's science classroom.

Official Description

Meet Douglas, AKA El Fuego

"Douglas once dreamed of becoming a stuntman, a race driver, a wrestler, a pilot and many other things. After many failed attempts (and broken limbs) he ended up as the groundskeeper of Newbury Middle and High School. Now his mechanical skills and fearless approach to danger make him a valuable asset to the team and their efforts to rid Newbury of its hauntings."

Reborn to be Wild!

"El Fuego’s story is rad (but also complicated). School groundskeeper turned stuntman, turned ghost-hunter, turned dead, turned undead! Now it’s time to stand back and watch this crazy undead stuntman take his ghost-catching game to all-new levels. Ever since, umm, dying, El Fuego’s life has never been more rad!"

Heroes of the Hidden Side

"For most people, getting pulled into the Hidden Side isn’t exactly good news. But Douglas Elton isn’t like most people. He is the school groundskeeper by day, reckless stuntman by night – or he was, until he sacrificed himself to keep the vile Lady E. from entering Newbury. Now he’s come back as a ghost, inhabiting a plastic skeleton from the science classroom, and putting his awesome stunt skills to good use hunting ghosts with no bodily damage. Wohoo! When life turns you into a ghost… make ghost lemonade."

Meet Douglas Elton (deceased) – El Fuego

"Contrary to what Jack’s viewers believe, El Fuego, aka Douglas, is NOT an animation. He’s the muscle of the team. Well, strictly speaking, he doesn’t have any muscles, or a body, for that matter. The former school groundskeeper/stuntman/ghost hunter was sucked into the Hidden Side when he defeated Lady E. His spirit latched onto a skeleton in the science classroom, so now he can pull off even wilder stunts during hunts. He can just pull himself together if/when he blows up, falls apart or/and sustains otherworldly damage."


Douglas wears green coveralls with an oil stain on the right side, his name tag on the left, and knee pads. He wears the overalls over a red shirt with a yellow and red target sign on it. He also has a band-aid on his left cheek. When donning his El Fuego personality, he simply adds a red helmet and cape. As a skeleton, he wears only his helmet and cape, but retains his bandaid.



LEGO Hidden Side


Season 1

Season 2

Night of the Harbinger


  • His alias of "El Fuego" is Spanish for "The Fire."
  • He is the most fearless Ghost Hunter as well as the strongest.
  • He doesn't like it when Spencer phases through him as seen in "Vlog Hog."
  • Douglas is one of the few characters to have their own short theme song in the show.
    • Another character with a short theme song in the show is Ben Jackson.
  • Douglas snores and talks in his sleep. He is also a very heavy sleeper, to the point where not even the bus he is in being toppled over can wake him up.
  • He dislikes technology.
  • He is the second person to sacrifice themselves in order to trap Lady Evelina in the Hidden Side.
  • It is revealed in "Life in the Ghost Lane," that Douglas can't capture ghosts since he doesn't have a smartphone and his phone is an outdated flip phone, therefore he can't get the Ghost Hunter App.
  • He appears to be far sighted and requires reading glasses, even as a skeleton.
  • He is the third Ghost to side with the Ghost Hunters. The first two were Spencer and Dr. Drewell, and the fourth being Vaughn G. Jackson.
  • He and J.B. are Tommy Andreasen's favorite characters.[1]
    • Tommy Andreasen also foreshadowed Douglas' fate, as he said "or what he'll become."
  • Viewers of Jack's videos think he is just a puppet.


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