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“This lab now belongs to the great Dr. Drewell!”
— Dr. Drewell

Dr. Drewell was once a genius scientist before becoming one of Newbury's most dangerous ghost residents and is one of Lady E.'s many ghostly followers.

Official Description

Site Bio

A brilliant scientist in life, Dr. Drewell was manipulated by Lady E. into performing bizarre and unnatural experiments in her pursuit of eternal youth. Things didn’t always go according to plan, and even though he is still bound to Lady E. in the afterlife, he prefers to be left alone to care for his plant collection.

App Bio

Lady E's old alchemist now roams his old lab. Any mixture spells doom. Beware of his gloomy potions.


Season 1

Good Chemistry

Parker, Jack, and J.B. are looking at Dr. Drewell's Soul Artifact when Jack accidentally touches the Erlenmeyer Flask, which releases him. Dr. Drewell then claims that J.B.'s lab is now his and attacks the Ghost Hunters, he is able to repel all of the attacks from Parker and Jack and steals Jack's phone, who demands that the mad scientist goes back into his bottle, which results in J.B. and Dr. Drewell telling him in unison that it's an Erlenmeyer Flask.

Soon, Dr. Drewell and J.B. develop a crush on each other over their love for science, they start to flirt with each other and Dr. Drewell tells the Ghost Hunters about Lady E. and her plans before leaving.

Skeleton in the Closet

Dr. Drewell reluctantly uses his Soul Artifact to revive Lady E. When the Ghost Hunters arrive, he attacks J.B. by covering her in green slime, but when he realized who she was, he apologized and cleaned her up, then they pretend to fight so that his fellow ghosts couldn't suspect that there was something going on between them.

Once the Ghost Hunters captured and driven away every other Boss Ghosts, Dr. Drewell warns them that they were too late, as the Blood Moon's light reached Lady E's portrait. Dr. Drewell unwillingly escapes, since he is too afraid of Lady E. to help.

Season 2

Oh, Rats!

Dr. Drewell meets Jack again when he comes out of a train. Jack greets him and is nice to him, and says how J.B. doesn't stop talking about him, but Dr. Drewell apologizes and reluctantly takes Jack to The Hidden Side per Lady E's orders.

Grave Situation

Dr. Drewell drags Jack inside the Hidden Side despite Jack's desire to leave. He puts Jack near the Mausoleum and orders him to stay where he is before leaving.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Dr. Drewell and three other Boss Ghosts come out of a portal to face Lady E., who is going to the lighthouse. She tells the Boss Ghosts that tonight is the night when she will take over Newbury. Soon after, his soul was stolen in order to release Joe Ishmael.


Like most other Boss Ghosts, Dr. Drewell has a body build of a regular LEGO big-fig. He wears a tattered dark pink lab coat, a white shirt underneath and a long, pinkish-red tie. He is mostly salmon and red in terms of coloration, with the main exceptions being his eyes and shirt, both of which are white/light pink. He has a short beard and medium messy hair that stands upright, both of which are crimson in color. He has circular glasses with black frames that he wears at all times. Unlike most other ghosts, he has visible, sharp teeth and an underbite as seen in "Good Chemistry".


Powerful Potions (App)

Dr. Drewell can deploy a potion on the ground that will grant different powerful benefits depending on the color.


Dr. Drewell, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects. he either can control electrical objects.


Dr. Drewell, like all Ghosts, can possess humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 1

Season 2


Season 1

Good Chemistry

  • “Those puny beams have no effect on me!”
  • “It's an Erlenmeyer Flask!”
  • “Huh?”
  • “This cannon is Wunderbar.”
  • “Good used of a Tesla coil.”
  • “Oh, right. Uh... I fight for Lady E?
  • “All these years, I've felt my scientific mind was never understood.”
  • “Are you a carbon sample? Because I want to date you.”
  • “I'm sorry, I lost my way. Lady E. used my scientific mind for her evil plots. She never appreciated me as a scientist.
  • “I just wanted to study flowers.”
  • “Lady E. is the reason for Newbury's hauntings. She took over the Hidden Side, now she wants to takeover your realm.”
  • We've worked hard to gather soul essence for her. Now, all we need is the light of the next Blood Moon.”
  • “She knows I'm here. Beta, you must stop her, or else Newbury will never be the same again.”

Skeleton in the Closet

  • “Oh, so sorry. Did I hurt you, my dear?”
  • “Ooh. Ow! That hurt!”
  • You're too late.”
  • “I can't face her!”

Season 2

Oh, Rats!

  • “I'm sorry, Jack. I must do as the Lady commands.”
  • “Welcome, Jack . . . to the Hidden Side.”

Grave Situation

  • “Your friends can't hear you.”
  • “Wait here. The Lady will arrive shortly.”
  • “I'm sorry, Jack.”


  • He is a member of the Anger Ghosts.
  • While the cause of his death is currently unknown, his site bio seems to imply that he might have died due to one of his experiments for Lady E.
  • He is the only known ghost who doesn't like working for Lady E.
  • In "Good Chemistry," he and J.B. developed a crush on each other. Making them the first two characters to have a romantic interest.
    • These events also make him the first Boss Ghost who decides to help the Ghost Hunters, as he revealed to them what Lady. E's plans were.
      • However, due to him being under the command of Lady E, he was forced to betray the Ghost Hunters by sending Jack to the Hidden Side in "Oh, Rats!".
  • He is known for speaking German. As he said that J.B.'s Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam was "Wunderbar," which means "wonderful" in German.
    • Because of this, he is the first known ghost to have an accent from a different country.



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