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Not to be confused with the set.

El Fuego's Stunt Plane is a vehicle currently owned and used by Douglas Elton.


Flying Lessons

Douglas is flying his new airplane along with Parker and Jack. Parker begins to show signs of acrophobia and wants Douglas to land the plane.

Suddenly, the weather begins to change and Harry Cane appears. He strikes Douglas out of the plane and forces Parker to conquer her fears and operate the aircraft. She is able to maneuver against Harry Cane's attack giving Jack a chance to capture Harry Cane.

Once the Boss Ghost is captured, Douglas reappears and complements her flying abilities as Parker continues to pilot the plane.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Douglas drives his airplane toward the Fatal Reef Lighthouse, following Lady E. When she releases Joe Ishmael, Douglas helps defeat him by using his plane to knock the Boss Ghost's powerful spyglass out of his grip.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

When Lady E. knocks Jack and Parker out of the Fatal Reef Lighthouse, they land on the end of it as Douglas lands near the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000.



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