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The Ghost Hunter App is an application that the Ghost Hunters use on their smart phones. It is used to trap or harm ghosts.


  • Blaster - This allows the user to shoot Ghost-Trapping Energy at Ghosts in order to stun them for some time. It can also be used to shoot Gloombies and free them from their possession as seen in "Face Your Fears."
  • AR Scan - This allows the user to scan for Ghosts that they would not see with their own eyes as seen in "Face Your Fears."
  • Electrical Zap - This allows the user to transmit an electric charge that can stun a Ghost as seen in "Sink or Swim".
  • Ghost Capturing - This allows the user to capture any Ghosts and is even capable of capturing a Boss Ghost as seen in "Don't Choke Now."


  • While the Blaster may free some Gloombies from their possession, other Gloombies are seen to have an immunity against the Blaster.
    • This can be seen with the Portable Toilet when it was turned into a Gloombie by Spewer.
    • The Blaster has no effect on Gloombies if they have been possessed for more than twelve hours, as seen in Gloom and Doom.


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