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The Ghost Hunters (also known as the Paranormal Investigator Operation or just the Hunters) are an organization dedicated to catching the Ghosts that inhabit the town of Newbury. They are lead by J.B.


It is likely that J.B. is the founder and became the brains behind it. It's members would use an app to catch Ghosts. Parker and Jack would join it along with Douglas. They are currently working together to catch the Ghosts who threaten Newbury.

Face Your Fears

Parker and Jack are sent to Newbury High School after getting reports of high levels of Ghost activity in the area. After exploring the school, they encounter Mr. Nibs and get under attack. Luckily, Douglas is able to guide them outside where they are met by J.B. in the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000.

Season 1

Vlog Hog

Parker, Jack, Spencer, and Douglas head inside Newbury Graveyard to hunt some Ghosts. While Parker, Spencer, and Douglas are exploring, Jack falls behind and is captured by Mamali. He is nearly devoured before being saved by Parker and Douglas. After a close call, they flee from the scene.

Sink or Swim

The Hunters make it to the docks after getting reports of Ghost activity in the area.

Parker goes out to investigate the ocean, but is captured by Archibald. She tries to escape, but cannot swim. However, Jack saves her from drowning. When they reach the surface, the Hunters are immediately attacked by the Shrimp Boat, so they swim to the docks. While they are running away, they shoot at the oncoming boat and free Captain Jonas and Jonas Jr. from their possessions.

All four of them make it inside the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Archibald tries to attack, but one of his arms get cut off as the door closed. Upon further investigation, J.B. discovers that the Cutlass belongs to Archibald and begins to query over the artifact.

Don't Choke Now

Parker and Jack venture into Shrimp Shack where Spencer ran off to. Instead they encounter Anomalo who holds Spencer hostage and challenges them to a bacon eating contest.

The Hunters are about to outsmart Anomalo by feeding Spencer when he is not looking. Instead of letting the Hunters go, Anomalo attacks them. Despite this, Parker is able to capture Anomalo onto her phone.

Bat Crazy

J.B. sends Parker, Jack, and Douglas to Newbury Railroad Station in order to collect a package. Parker and Jack find the package, but they are ambushed by The Bawa and he possess the train. Despite barely hanging on while in mid-air, Douglas is able to save them using his Stunt Truck.

The trio head back to J.B. and realize the machine is only a coffee machine which frustrates Jack. J.B. then shows them that the machine can also do their homework.

Potty Mouth

The Ghost Hunters stop at the Construction Sites to allow Jack to vomit in the Portable Toilet. However, they are under attack by Spewer who topples the bus. In order to save themselves, J.B. decides to use her crossbow to destroy Spewer.

Gloom and Doom

Jack is at school and is trying to find a way to make Parker laugh after J.B. told him that she was turned into a Gloombie. After trying many ideas which included using El Fuego and Spencer, Jack realizes that Parker was a cat person.

When Parker approached Jack and Douglas, he shows a cat video and Parker is able to break free of her possession.

Life in the Ghost Lane

The Ghost Hunters are chasing Dwayne and Joey down a road. When Parker and Jack shoot at the Gloombies, they release Samuel Mason who destroys a bridge to allow them to escape.

Douglas, in his Stunt Truck, decides to ditch the rest of the team to pursue Mason. However, he gets under distress due to his lack of technology. However, he is saved by Parker and Jack who are able to capture Mason.

Good Chemistry

J.B. shows Parker and Jack a Soul Artifact that Jack accidentally touches which releases Dr. Drewell. The mad scientist begins attacking the Hunters and is resistant to the Blaster and even the Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam. Seemly having them surrounded, Jack then asks about the bottle and both J.B. and Dr. Drewell scold Jack for not calling it an Erlenmeyer Flask. Both scientist then look at each other and begin to flirt before Dr. Drewell reveals that Lady E. plans to take over Newbury.

Skeleton in the Closet

In an effort to stop the Ghosts from freeing Lady E. the Ghost Hunters invade Newbury High School. They are attacked by the Boss Ghosts, but are easily able to defeat them; however, the Blood Moon briefly releases Lady E. In order to stop her from crossing realms, Douglas sacrifices himself and enters the Hidden Side.

In the morning, the Hunters are about to leave, but Douglas' clothing mysteriously floats in the air and he returns as a skeleton. He warns them of the Hidden Side and that Lady E. will return.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Parker and Jack attend school late at night because they have to discuss a missed assignment with their parents. They soon realize it was all a trap, and Mr. Clarke possesses their parents.

While Jack is being chased by Bob, Linda, and his mother Rose, Parker goes after Mamali. Unfortunately, Parker gets captured, but she tricks Mamali into capturing herself. Parker then throws Jack's phone down to him, and everyone is saved.

Season 2

Carnival of Doom

Parker, Jack, Douglas, and Spencer head to Happy World to hunt Ghosts. Unfortunately, while Douglas was distracted playing with the High Striker, Parker and Jack were captured by Tragico in the House of Mirrors. The two are tied on a roller coaster and as they are riding to certain death, Douglas comes in to save them. He splits the carts in half and ends up crashing. When Parker and Jack check to see if he's okay, he is thrilled with the experience and wants to do it again. Tragico allows him to ride another roller coaster as Parker and Jack lay off on capturing Tragico.

Flying Lessons

Parker, Jack, and Douglas are flying in Douglas' Stunt Plane. Parker shows signs of acrophobia and wishes for Douglas to land the plane. Suddenly, the weather begins to get murky and Harry Cane appears. He knocks Douglas out of the plane forcing Parker to overcome her fear of heights and pilot the plane. She is able to maneuver against Harry Cane's attacks and allows Jack to capture him. Douglas then returns and compliments Parker's ability to face her fears.

Doom Buggy

J.B. let Parker and Jack test drive the Doom Buggy while J.B. stands behind to help rebuild Douglas. However, Parker and Jack run into trouble when they encounter Trucker Dale, so they purposely dive into the ocean. Trucker Dale then attempts to use the Ghost Cannon to kill Parker and Jack, but it blows up and the cannon is launched into the air where it hits Douglas again.

Oh, Rats!

Parker, Jack, and Douglas are inside Newbury Subway looking for Ghosts. They go after Rat Shaun who diverts Jack to one tunnel and Parker to another.

Parker encounters Rat Shaun and is able to capture him. Meanwhile, Jack runs into a train which reveals to be Dr. Drewell. He tells Jack that he's sorry and teleport him to the Hidden Side.

Grave Situation

Jack ends up in the Hidden Side and gets into more trouble when Lady E. releases all of the Ghosts Jack captured. However, he is saved by a mysterious stranger who tells Jack that he is not alone in the fight versus Lady E.

Haunting 101

Vaughn and Jack enter the school to look for Parker, believing that Parker can help them. Jack looks at the school through his phone, and observes that he can see the Living World with his phone's app. They find Parker running up the stairs to J.B., asking her if she has seen Jack, and she says that she hasn't. Parker continues down the hallway looking for Jack, but she is stopped by Mr. Clarke and made to go to class. Vaughn and Jack follow her and Jack tries to get Parker to notice him but fails until Vaughn tells Jack that he needs to truly scare Parker and Jack resorts to yelling her name, which works and Parker uses the Ghost Hunting app to see Jack and is shocked to find her great-great-great-great-grandfather Vaughn with him.

The Great Escape

Vaughn and Jack arrive at a tree that they can use to escape the Hidden Side, while J.B., Douglas, Parker, and Spencer arrive at the same tree in the Living World. Parker and Jack use their phones to open a portal to the Living World, but then Lady E. and Axel Chops arrive at the tree and fight Jack and Vaughn for access to the portal. Jack and Lady E. end up coming through the portal, leaving Vaughn behind. Seeing that Lady E. is going toward the lighthouse, the Ghost Hunters follow her in that direction.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

The Ghost Hunters travel toward the lighthouse: J.B. in her bus, Douglas in his plane, and Jack and Parker on boats. When they arrive, they find that Lady Evelina has already started to open up portals to the Hidden Side all over Newbury. Jack, Parker, and Douglas work together to defeat a Boss Ghost that came out of one of the portals, while J.B. goes after Lady E.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

Jack and Parker get off of their jet skis and run over to the lighthouse to confront Lady E. When they reach the top, they begin to shoot at Lady E. with their phones. However, this only causes her light to go out, making it hard for them to see where she is. They try to shoot based on where her voice is coming from, but Lady E. is quick enough to avoid their orbs. She uses her powers to push them off the lighthouse.

Douglas flies his plane under them to stop their fall, but this causes the plane to unbalance and it crashes. J.B. and Spencer arrive and inboard Sweet Sally to see if they are okay. When they are, J.B. tells them that the only way to stop Lady E. is to cause Sweet Sally to explode.

Jack, Parker, and J.B. get in Sweet Sally. J.B. drives the bus toward the lighthouse, while Jack and Parker press all of the buttons. Then Jack and Parker go to the front of the bus, to shoot Ghosts out of the way. As they approach the lighthouse, everyone jumps out of the bus. It explodes in front of the lighthouse into Ghost-trapping energy, weakening Lady E.

J.B. captures Lady E. with her phone, but still is upset about the sacrifice of Sweet Sally. Then, a firetruck of firefighters show up, and she claims that the truck will be the next Sweet Sally. Meanwhile, Jack and Parker talk about what life will be like without having to hunt Ghosts, until Douglas reminds them that Ghosts are still coming out of the portals Lady E. opened.

Night of the Harbinger

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