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For the in-game currency, see Gloom (Currency).
For the episode with a similar name, see Gloom and Doom.
For the Humans who get possessed by Ghosts, see Gloombies.

J.B. Gloom is how ghosts take ahold of you!

Gloom is a ghostly compound that Ghosts use to haunt locations and possess Humans turning them into Gloombies.


Face Your Fears

While Parker and Jack were running away, they had to dodge attacks from multiple Ghosts such as Mr. Nibs, Luigi Gelato, and Ben Jackson who used their Gloom to attack the Hunters.

Gloom and Doom

When Jack receives news that Parker might have been gloomed, he looks at his vlog video and spots Ben Jackson hitting Parker with fireball gloom.


  • Ghosts have the ability to shoot balls of Gloom in order to haunt areas.
    • This is their main form of attack besides turning other humans into Gloombies.
  • Gloom is normally colored green, but it can also be different colors depending on the type of the ghost who is using it.
  • Gloom is the
LEGO Hidden Side version of the spectral substance known as Ectoplasm.
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