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“Your parents have become monsters who want to eat you!”
Mamali, to Parker, "Parents Just Don't Understand"

Gloombies is a name given to those who have became possessed by Ghosts in LEGO Hidden Side. Depending on the Ghost possessing them, they can come in six currently known forms: Normal, Winged, Tentacled, Four-armed, Two-headed, Clawed, and one unknown form that is only shown in Terry Top's Gloombie form.


When possessed by a Ghost, the person or being in question is transformed into a Gloombie and becomes a mere puppet for the Ghost controlling them. This allows the Ghosts to further attack people in the physical world and wreck havoc. Sometimes the Gloombie is given symbiotic superhuman abilities by the Ghost. For instance, some get the power of flight while some get the extra arms or tentacles.

Not only can Humans be possessed, but ordinary objects can also be turned into Gloombies. Such as the case with the Portable Toilet, which was turned into a Gloombie using construction objects.


Known gloombies


  • Their name is a portmanteau of "Gloom" and "Zombie."
  • Notable Gloombies in Hidden Side sets are shown holding one of the Boss Ghost's Soul Artifact, indicating that they are being possessed by a Boss Ghost.
  • In "Face Your Fears," Gloombies are shown as looking more Human but with sunken in, blank eyes and thicker eyebrows with an angry expression.
    • When viewed through the Ghost Scanner on the phones, they start to take on the more twisted appearance as seen in the sets.
    • However, in the later episodes, Gloombies instead look like how they do in the sets.
  • In "Gloom and Doom," it was shown that if a person has been a Gloombie for more than twelve hours, the only way to de-gloom them is by making them laugh.
  • some ghosts make a alteration trough gloombies.
    • But the is no explenation how.


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