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“Poor boy! You can't beat us, so why don't you JOIN US?!”
Lady E. to Jack

Grave Situation is a fifth episode of the second season and the fifteenth overall of LEGO Hidden Side. It aired on March 3, 2020, on LEGO.com. Its international release date was March 5, 2020.

Official Description

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Scared, alone, and trapped in a graveyard, Jack’s time in the Hidden Side is going from bad to worse. When he’s forced to face the evil Lady E. for the first time, it looks like it’s all over for Jack… but wait! Is that a mysterious ally coming to the rescue?


Inside the Hidden Side, Dr. Drewell drags Jack and tells him to stay near the Mausoleum, briefly apologizing before leaving.

Jack begins to freak out as he has no one to help him. Suddenly, he sees a girl crying and Jack tries to assist her, but it turns out to be Lady E. Jack uses his app to attack, but she repels it and instead uses her Gloom to hit Jack's phone, which releases all the Boss Ghosts he had previously captured.

They all take their turns at attacking Jack, but he is able to dodge it and hide under a headstone. He tries again to counterattack, but Lady E. knocks the phone out of Jack's hand. Then they surround him and Lady E. suggests that he joins the league of Ghosts; however, Jack refuses to. Out of nowhere, a mysterious vehicle enters out of nowhere and hits all of the Ghosts. The stranger inside then commands Jack to enter, and he is able to escape.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Jack looks at the stranger and realizes that he too is a Ghost. Jack once again freaks out, but the stranger relieves him, telling him that he is not alone in the fight against Lady E.


Locations Featured


  • Boss Ghost(s): Lady E., Mr. Nibs, Mamali, Dr. Drewell, Samuel Mason, and Harry Cane.
  • All the Boss Ghosts that were captured in Jack's phone were freed in this episode.
  • This marks the first appearance of Vaughn G. Jackson.
    • This is the first episode where Parker doesn't makes an appearance.
    • This is the third episode where Douglas doesn't make an appearance.
    • This is the fifth time J.B doesn't make an appearance.
    • This is also the seventh episode where Spencer doesn't make an appearance and the fourth consecutive episode overall.
    • However, all the Ghost Hunters and Spencer can be seen in a picture on Jack's phone.
  • Douglas can be seen in his mortal form for the first time since "Skeleton in the Closet", albeit only in a picture.
  • Jack entered the Hidden Side and survived, with the only change he suffered was his skin turning blue.
    • This would mean that Douglas was killed by Lady E., or that he died from staying on the Hidden Side for many hours.
  • Mamali says that "Jack fell down and broke his crown". This is a reference to the nursery rhyme "Jack and Jill".
  • Since Tragico wasn't among the Boss Ghosts freed by Lady E it can be assumed that it was Parker who captured Tragico off-screen.
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