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Grimsmouth Cove is a cove in Newbury.



The Great Escape

After Lady E. escapes the Hidden Side, she heads past Grimsmouth Cove over to the Fatal Reef Lighthouse to begin her attack on Newbury.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Jack and Parker ride through Grimsmouth Cove with their jet skis in an attempt to reach the Lighthouse to stop Lady E., but she opens a portal in the cove that releases Joe Ishmael. He begins to attack the ghost hunters until Jack and Parker use the waves to reach Joe's eye and capture him. They then continue heading over to the lighthouse.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

Jack and Parker leave their jet skis at the dock and head over to the lighthouse.





Vehicles, Items, and Food


Ghost Hunters' Vehicles: Doom Buggy · Stunt Plane · Stunt Truck · Phantom Fire Truck 3000 · J.B.'s Submarine · Sweet Sally
Dwayne and Joey's motorcycles · Supernatural Race Car · Train


Soul Artifact: Axe · Cutlass · Erlenmeyer Flask · Lantern · Master Key · Meat Cleaver · Monkey Wrench · Oil Can · Pickaxe · Radio Set · Sextant · Six-Shooter · Teddy Bear
Weapons: Crossbow · Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam
Ghost Hunter App · Portable Toilet


Bacon · Lime Slushies

Soul Artifact: Hot Dog