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The following are a set of rules for the Hidden Side Wiki.

Following these rules will allow for a smooth and functioning community that can be enjoyed by everyone. Breaking these rules will result in serious consequences depending on the severity of the breach. If you have any questions, please contact one of our admins.

Small Offenses

Small offenses will result in 3 warnings. If you don't listen to warnings, you will get blocked. Small offenses will result in a 1-day block to 3-week block

  • Edit farming to earn badges
  • Not using common sense 
  • Begging for a staff role
  • Starting a drama with another user
  • Sending threats to users
  • Necroposting (commenting on an inactive thread)
  • Not following our Manual of Style

Moderate Offenses

Moderate offenses will result in a block from 1 month to 3 months.

  • Spamming on message walls
  • Advertising your wiki (You can only do it on a blog or on your user page)
  • Spamming on articles

Severe Offenses

Severe offenses will result in an automatic block (with no warnings) Severe offenses will result in a 3-month block to a permanent block.

  • Vandalizing any page
  • Harassing a certain user
  • Making an imposter out of a user and say you're that user
  • Using verbal swears in articles
  • Using inappropriate usernames, profile pictures & profile information are not allowed
  • Joining the wiki under 13
  • Using sockpuppets to evade blocks


If necessary, admins will block users if they don't follow the rules listed above. Most of the time, the block will be for a good reason. For the user who receives the block, they will have two options:

  • Serve the suspension time and wait until it expires.
  • Talk to an admin and explain why they think the block was unfair.

During the block, users may not create another account (sockpuppets) to evade their previous block. If caught, the original account as well as any sockpuppet accounts will be permanently blocked.


Users are discouraged from using multiple accounts on this wiki. Using alternative accounts to evade blocks, decieve users, spam, vandalize and post inapropriate content is punishable by a block ranging from 1 hour to infinite.

Appropriate actions

  • Some uses of other accounts will be tolerated such as starting over again after a previous account is disabled, forgotten, compromised, access lost or disliked by users.
  • Users may also use other accounts to perform actions their unable to do on their main account do to glitches.
  • Admins have permission to create other accounts they can use to test blocks, test automated messages, test achievements, test abuse filters or any other necessary actions.
  • If another account is being used for appropriate actions the accounts owner may communicate with a bureaucrat in order to make the account a bot. Bot use may be used if an active bureaucrat approves it.

Inappropriate actions

  • If a user is given a block ranging from 1 hour to a year, they may not use another account to edit, If they do so the account they use and their main account will be blocked. The block time will range from 1 hour to infinite. If they continue to use other accounts the local staff may request an IP address check from fandom and the IP address may be blocked.
  • If a user makes another account to impersonate another user the account will be infinitely banned, The users other accounts may be given blocks ranging from one week to infinite. Local staff are encouraged to report the user to the global Staff, and a global ban might be necessary.
  • making another account mocking another user's username, they will be given an infinite block and their other accounts may be given a block ranging from 1 day to infinite.

Staff Responsibilities

Being a staff member comes with great privileges, but also comes with great responsibilities.

  • Don't abuse your powers! This is the most common mistake users make when they are staff for any wiki. Just because you are staff does not mean you are above the rules. Staff members must abide by the rules just as if they are regular users. The role of staff members is to keep the peace for any wiki.
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