Hidden Side Wiki
Name Date Promoted Country/Time Zone Status
Bureaucrats (Ghost Hunters)
DarkHenrik (talkcontribs) October 23, 2019 Unknown Semi-Active
MixelSañs (talkcontribs) November 6, 2019 Unknown Away
Administrators (Ghosts)
Samurai viper (talkcontribs) December 5, 2019 Unknown Very Active
Content Moderators (Gloombie)
Holomaster15 (talk contribs) October 21, 2019 UTC+8 Semi-Active
StudMaster06 (talkcontribs) September 3, 2020 UTC−6 Away
Discussion Moderators (Headmaster)
Chat Moderators (Scientist)
Status Info
Very Active These staff members are always online on the wiki. They are the best users to contact.
Semi-Active These staff members are not always active, but they are online at least every week.
Away These staff members have been excused for their inactivity. They most likely have some more important things to do, however, they will return one day.

Former Staff

Users in this list are considered former staff.

Name Highest Position Held Date Demoted Reason for Demotion
Limefong Admin May 16, 2020 Resign
Printer89 Bureaucrat April 28, 2020 Resign
SkyNinja17 Rollback November 24, 2019 Inactivity