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“It's party time! Ha ha ha ha!”
— J.B.

Dr. J.B. Watt, aka J.B., is a scientist who serves as the science teacher at Newbury High School who made the tech for the local ghost-hunting operation and is also is the leader of the Ghost Hunters. She is a friend of Jack Davids, Parker L. Jackson, and Douglas Elton.

Official Description

Meet J.B. (Scientist Extraordinaire)

"J.B. has spent all of her life in libraries, labs and garages, and she has mad skills in all things scientific, technical and mechanical. J.B. enjoys being the brains behind the local ghost-hunting operation, app, and all the gang’s ghost-hunting gear, while leaving all the messy work to the kids (Hey, they don’t seem to mind.) She eats, works and sleeps in her messy lab, except when she’s driving ‘Sweet Sally’, her old decked-out school bus. Also, she drinks waaay too much coffee."

Busy Inventing (2020)

"J.B. is a master inventor and all-round genius. While her app still helps the team detect and capture ghosts all over Newbury, now she’s been hard at work on some new vehicles that will really change the way they hunt for ghosts."

Heroes of Hidden Side

"J.B. is the awesome brain behind the entire ghost-hunting operation, and she doesn’t seem to be running out of ideas. In fact, we’d say her ideas only get more epic with time! For example, when her Sweet Sally school bus runs into a spot of trouble, J.B. gets right back to work and creates… a ghost-hunting fire truck! And it’s fully decked out, too. Could a ghost-hunting submarine be in the cards? Stay tuned."

Meet J.B. Watt (22)

"J.B. is not a mad scientist, even though some might think you have to be a little mad to start that whole ghost-hunting operation and everything. She’s super smart, innovative, highly productive and always optimistic, no matter how much danger the kiddaroos (Jack and Parker) are in. She would love to go out and ghost-hunt herself, of course, but, uh, who would do all the lab work and maintain her school bus-turned-mobile-command-center, Sweet Sally?"

Busy Inventing (2020)

"J.B. is a master inventor and all-round genius. While her app still helps the team detect and capture ghosts all over Newbury, now she’s been hard at work on some new vehicles that will really change the way they hunt for ghosts."


J.B. is a 22 year old woman with short, spiky, dyed pink hair. She wears a white lab coat over a pink shirt with a picture of Frankenstein's monster on it, along with white pants. She also wears white googles on her head, a brown belt around her waist, and another one over her left shoulder as well as light blue gloves.


J.B. is an extremely smart, kind and brave woman. She is also a tomboy and has great mechanic skills. She feels that nobody can understand her or her scientific mind.



  • It is revealed in the first Issue of the Hidden Side comics series that J.B. is 22 years old.
  • In 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000, she is shown having a type of ray gun with her phone attached to the side to help her see the ghosts.
  • J.B. is the only Ghost Hunter whose appearance never changed through the series.
  • Her 2019 minifigure head has two faces. One side with a big happy smile and another with her face covered with smog and with a rather grumpy look on her face.
    • However, in 2020, this face was replaced with a gasping look.
  • J.B. is one of the two Ghost Hunters to not have her full name revealed, the other being Parker.
  • So far, she is the only Ghost Hunter not to turn into a Gloombie. As Jack and Douglas were possessed in "Face Your Fears," and Parker in "Gloom and Doom."
  • In "Good Chemistry", she and Dr. Drewell developed a crush on each other, making them the first two characters to have a romantic interest.
  • She and Douglas are Tommy Andreasen's favorite characters.[1]



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