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Not to be confused with the set.

J.B.'s Lab (also known as the Ghost Hunters' Lab, or Ghost Hunters HQ), is a base in Newbury where the Ghost Hunters reside. 


Bat Crazy

When Parker and Jack are talking to J.B. she is in her lab and telling the kids to be careful with the package.

The kids are able to get back to her lab with the package and realize it's only a coffee machine. J.B. then shows that the machine can also do their homework.

Gloom and Doom

While Jack was at school, J.B. called him from her lab and told Jack that Parker was turned into a Gloombie.

Good Chemistry

Parker, Jack, and J.B. are at the lab and investigating a Soul Artifact, which Jack accidentally touches. The Erlenmeyer Flask releases Dr. Drewell and he begins attacking the Ghost Hunters. When J.B. and Dr. Drewell both tell Jack that the bottle is an Erlenmeyer Flask, both begin to flirt with each other before Dr. Drewell tells them about the plans of Lady E.

Oh, Rats!

While Parker, Jack, and Douglas were investigating Newbury Subway, J.B. called Parker from her lab to remind them to be alert and pay attention.

Night of the Harbinger

Jack and Parker return to the lab to discuss the mysterious black ooze, and what it is.



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