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“What? Gotta let my subscribers know I lived.”
— Jack Davids

Jack Davids is a high school student born in Boston who works with the Ghost Hunters and is one of the main characters of the Hidden Side app. He has a pet ghost dog, named Spencer, who had originally died in a traffic accident before Jack moved to Newbury.

Official Description

Meet Jack Davids (13)

"It’s not easy being the new kid in town – AND the school headmaster’s son. But after Jack joins Parker and scientist J.B. in their local ghost hunter/paranormal investigator operation, the town of Newbury becomes a lot more exciting – and scary. Apart from his ghost dog Spencer, Jack’s biggest passion is his online video channel (BOO-Tube, anyone?) His live-streaming and excited commentary often distracts him from focusing on the job at hand. But when it counts, he’s brave and resourceful."

Always Live

"No longer the new kid in town, Jack’s vlog is really starting to take off. He’s actually pretty obsessed with subscribers, likes, comments and view counts. But until his passion for videos starts to interfere with ghost hunting, it’s no big deal, right? …Right?"

Heroes of Hidden Side

"Student by day, ghost-hunter by night, live-streamer all the time! That’s Jack. Moving to Newbury wasn’t easy at first, what with being the new kid at school in a boring little town, and also his mom’s the headmaster, and the whole thing was just ugh. But now things are going great for Jack, and his vlog has really taken off. He may be spending just a little too much time making videos, though – especially after he meets his idol, vlogging superstar Rami. What’s the rest of the ghost-hunting squad going to say? Is his friendship with Parker about to take a hit as he chases more clicks and views? Nah, don’t think so. Those two are inseparable!"


Jack grew up in Boston with his mother, Rose Davids and pet dog, Spencer. He loved making vlogs and uploading videos of skateboarding tricks and other things together with Spencer and overall lived a happy life in the city until his mother announced they were moving to Newbury, a small southern town. Jack was horrified at the thought of leaving his home to move to the small town, which he referred to as "that backwater." A week after that Jack received many videos about paranormal activity from an unknown person in Newbury and one week after that Spencer was killed in a traffic accident due to his habit of chasing cars, leaving Jack even more heartbroken.

The week after Spencer's death, Jack and his mother moved to Newbury. When the family arrived to Newbury, Jack was still unimpressed by the town, referring to it as a "fishing village" but the town still had an eerie atmosphere that unsettled him, on their way home Jack and his mother nearly crash against the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 where Jack saw Parker trying to capture a ghost. Jack was amused by the sight and called her "a weirdo". Soon after that, Jack started attending Newbury High School while his mother became the principal of said school. Jack was bullied or ignored for being the son of the principal and his classmates dismissed his vlog as him "talking a lot of hot air online" although Jack did try to fit in by making crazy videos for his vlog. Later that day, Parker approached him at lunch break and revealed to him that she was the stranger from Newbury who sent him all the videos. Parker then showed him around the school and introduced him to the janitor Douglas and later J.B.. Parker and J.B. then revealed to Jack that they were Ghost Hunter who captured ghosts who wreak havoc in their town and offered Jack to join them, J.B. also gave him an app that allowed Jack to see Spencer, who had become a ghost and had been following Jack since his death.

Face Your Fears

Parker and Jack are sent to Newbury High School after getting reports of high levels of Ghost activity. When they enter, they spot Douglas who is possessed by a Ghost. They shoot him down, releasing the Ghost from inside of him and capturing it.

Soon, Jack takes off exploring after running away from Grandpa Sam. He enters a room where a Ghost is hiding and gets possessed by it. Fortunately, he is saved by Spencer who pulls on the Ghost.

After Parker got a notification by J.B., they try to exit but are surrounded by Ghosts. They use the elevator to escape, but the elevator malfunctions, sending the Hunters tumbling down.

Eventually, they find Mr. Nibs, who pops out of the stuffed teddy bear. He attacks the Hunters; however, they are able to escape with the help of Douglas. They head outside where they are greeted by J.B. in the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. J.B. prepares to shoot Mr. Nibs down with Jack and Parker joining in.

Season 1

Vlog Hog

Jack is live streaming on BOO-Tube and introduces the Ghost Hunters to his fans. Soon, he enters Newbury Graveyard along with Parker, Douglas, and Spencer.

He continues to live-stream his adventure, but it causes him trouble as he falls behind the rest of the group. Jack tries to catch up but trips on vines holding a key. The key then floats in the air and unlocks the Mausoleum, spewing green fog from its entrance. Jack begins to panic at the situation and uses his phone to scan for Ghosts, but is confronted by Mamali.

Frightened and petrified, Jack tries to use his phone for defense, but his phone was out of battery. He then tries to flee, but the branches of a tree capture him. She sings him a lullaby much to his pleasure and attempts to devour Jack, but Parker shoots Mamali with her phone.

Parker and Douglas are able to save Jack, so they flee after locking up Mamali. J.B. asked about their success and an outraged Parker explains that Jack's phone died. J.B. then points out that Jack's phone is still being used although he's using Parker's phone. She then tries to reclaim her phone as J.B. drives off.

Sink or Swim

While Jack is rapping about how great of a Ghost Hunters he is, Parker stops him and tells him that she's the better Ghost Hunter. They take a vote and everyone agrees that Parker is the best.

When they get off the bus to investigate, Jack brainstorms on all the things he's better at than Parker. He soon realizes he's better at swimming when Parker gets captured by Archibald. He gloats at the moment but realizes he has to save her.

When they reach the surface, the Hunters are immediately attacked by the Shrimp Boat, so they swim to the docks. While they are running away, they shoot at the oncoming boat and free Captain Jonas and Jonas Jr. from their possessions.

All four of them make it inside the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Later, Parker thanks Jack for saving her as they both make amends for their previous troubles.

Don't Choke Now

Parker and Jack are debating are walking down the beach and debating whether cats or dogs are better. Jack shows why dogs are better by calling Spencer's name without bacon. He reappears and runs away from Jack after smelling bacon.

The Hunters head to Shrimp Shack where Spencer entered. Parker notices that it's abandoned and shouldn't enter, but Jack pulls on the wood and they are able to enter the restaurant.

Jack searches for Spencer but is unable to find him. Parker suggests that they should get J.B. after seeing an eerie photo, but Jack doesn't want to give up. All of a sudden, the Hunters encounter Anomalo who holds Spencer hostage. He challenges them to a bacon eating contest which they are forced to accept or else they would be killed.

Anomalo takes an early lead in the contest due to him having a plethora of arms. Parker and Jack struggle to keep up, but Jack hears Spencer's wince and offers him a piece of bacon. He realizes that he can feed Spencer, who is underneath the table, bacon without Anomalo noticing. Parker follows his suit, and before Anomalo could finish, Parker and Jack finished first.

However, Anomalo refused to let them leave and instead attacks the Hunters. Parker ends up getting surrounded by Anomalo's knives, but Jack calls for Spencer, who is still being held by Anomalo. Spencer bites Anomalo giving Parker a chance to capture Anomalo onto her phone.

Bat Crazy

Parker and Jack are at Newbury Railroad Station to pick up an important package for J.B. Both discuss what the package might be and Jack thinks it's a super battery for their phones. They then place a bet with the loser having to do the others homework.

When the train arrives, he argues with Parker on what they package is. All of a sudden, The Bawa appears out of nowhere and possesses the train. The Hunters, still on the train, are taken up as well. While up in the air, they fight Ghosts before The Bawa lets go of the train and repossess it.

Parker catches sight of El Fuego's Stunt Truck and is able to land the package safely. They arrive back at J.B.'s Ghost Lab where they realize the package is only a coffee machine. Since they both lost the bet, they suggested doing each other's homework, but J.B. tells them that the machine also does their homework.

Potty Mouth

Jack is about to vomit after drinking one hundred Lime Slushies. He is able to find a Portable Toilet and cuts Nanna in order to use it.

After using it, he caught sight the Portable Toilet is shaking and after further investigation, he realizes he has created Spewer who attacks Jack. Jack attempts to fight back but is forced to dodge the Gloom and retreat.

Eventually, J.B. is able to save them by destroying Spewer. Parker and Jack come over to congratulate her, but she heads over to Sweet Sally and promises to fix her up.

Gloom and Doom

Jack is at Newbury High School and is proud of the video he uploaded. While he is walking to class, J.B. calls to inform him that Parker was turned into a Gloombie. By the time Jack looks at Parker, she begins to attack and Jack hides in a locker. J.B. tells him that the only way to free Parker is to make her laugh.

Jack tries many ideas to make Parker laugh, but none of them work. It isn't until he realizes Parker is a cat person that he is able to help Parker return to normal.

Life in the Ghost Lane

While chasing Dwayne and Joey, Jack was inside Sweet Sally taking selfies. However, when Parker and Jack were shooting at the Gloombies, Samuel Mason appeared and destroyed a bridge allowing the bikers to escape.

Later, after Jack captured Mason, Parker and Jack criticized Douglas's outdated phone until Parker said that the phone was almost as old as J.B., causing her to glare at Parker while Douglas and Jack laughed and Parker questions them on what she said.

Good Chemistry

While inside J.B.'s Lab, Jack is live-streaming the entire event and doesn't pay attention as he accidentally touches the Erlenmeyer Flask which releases Dr. Drewell. The mad scientist begins attacking and the Blaster on Jack's phone does nothing to stop him from possessing objects. When Dr. Drewell snatches Jack's phone, he tells him to get back into the bottle but is immediately corrected by Dr. Drewell and J.B.

The two scientist begin to flirt together much to the agreement of Parker and Jack. While they are talking about Lady E, Jack asks about her and Dr. Drewell reveals the plans that she has before leaving.

Skeleton in the Closet

Jack and the rest of the Ghost Hunters storm Newbury High School. He chases Mamali away before assisting Parker in capturing Mr. Nibs. However, they are too late as Lady E. is released from her portrait. In an effort to save Newbury, Douglas shields Lady E. from the light of the Blood Moon and forces her back into The Hidden Side, but Douglas also enters the unknown realm.

When morning breaks, the Hunters are about to leave until Douglas returns as a skeleton. He warns them that Lady E. will return at some point.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Jack and Parker's parents head over to Newbury High School to discuss their missed assignment. When they arrive, Rose asks about his troubles, and Jack gets angry with her. When they arrive in Mr. Clarke's room, he turns into a Gloombie and spews Gloom on the group. Parker and Jack avoid it, but their parents are possessed.

After realizing Mamali was behind this, they chase after her, but she steals Jack's phone and gets chased by the Gloombies.

Sometime later when Parker is able to capture Mamali, she throws down Jack's phone and they are able to free their parents. They asked what happened, and they lied by saying that they received detention.

Season 2

Carnival of Doom

Jack, along with the rest of the Ghost Hunters, head to Newbury Fairground to hunt Ghosts. Unfortunately, they are captured when they enter the House of Mirrors, and tied on a roller coaster. Luckily, they are saved by Douglas and after being rescued, both Hunters watch Douglas have fun with the roller coasters despite Jack wanting to capture Tragico.

Flying Lessons

While Douglas is flying his Stunt Plane, Jack is live-streaming on Boo-Tube. However, Harry Cane appears and knocks Douglas out of the plane. Parker then decides to be brave and operates the plane and eventually, she and Jack capture Harry Cane.

Doom Buggy

Parker and Jack complain about what looks like work assigned by J.B. but she tells them to test drive the Doom Buggy. Parker is attract to the Ghost Cannon attached, but J.B. refuses them to use it. 

While Parker and Jack are test driving, then run into Trucker Dale who also wants the cannon. He chases after it, and Parker believes they must use the cannon, but Jack decides to bold by purposing diving into the ocean. Trucker Dale thinks he can shoot the Hunters, but the Buggy explodes and gets destroyed.

Oh, Rats!

Jack, Parker and Douglas hunt for ghosts in an abandoned subway, although Jack is more focused on skateboarding all over the place while his teammates are busy talking with J.B. Parker warns Jack that if he gets distracted skateboarding she will catch the ghost and break their tie. Jack is shocked that they are tied and Parker brings up that they both captured twelve ghosts in that week and asks him if he wants to compete for who gets to capture "lucky number 13", which he accepts and declares that whoever wins will be Newbury's Top Ghost Hunter.

Rat Shaun soon arrives and Jack and Parker quickly try to capture him before the other does. When the ghost flees, Jack chases after him with his skateboard while Parker and Douglas run after him. Jack spots Rat Shaun's rats climbing over a tunnel's entrance and Jack enters the tunnel. However, as soon as Jack passes by them the rats quickly move to the tunnel on the right side and Parker follow their trail as well. Parker eventually manages to capture Rat Shaun but Jack, unaware of this, continue to skateboard through the tunnels, gloating over his "victory" until he stops a wagon shaking. Jack grabs his phone and moves to open the door only or Dr. Drewell to come out. Jack greets the ghost and tells about how J.B. won't stop talking about him but Dr. Drewell sheds a tear and apologizes to Jack for what he is about to do since he has to do as The Lady commands before throwing gloom at the wagon's open door, which opens a portal and Jack is dragged into it and Dr. Drewell reluctantly welcomes Jack to the Hidden Side.

Grave Situation

Dr. Drewell arrives to the Hidden Side pulling Jack in. Jack now blue asks Dr. Drewell not to leave him alone here. He says a woman next to him "scared" and asked if she was trapped too. The woman turns out to be Lady E. which Jack tries to shoot using his app. Lady E. deflects it and releases all the Boss Ghosts Jack caught on his phone, who promptly attack him until Lady E offers Jack to join them, which he refuses. The ghosts then prepare to kill Jack until Vaughn G. Jackson arrives in his car, hitting the other ghosts with it and tells Jack to get in, which he does. When Jack realises that his rescuer is also a ghost he instinctively draws his phone until Vaughn tells Jack that he shouldn't draw his weapon on his rescuer, Vaughn then tells Jack that he is not in alone in his fight and tells him to buckle up before accelerating.

Haunting 101

Vaughn takes Jack to the Newbury High, where he can see the real world through his phone and decided he can try to contact Parker, who was forced into class by Mr. Clarke. Once there, he tries to get Parker's attention, and kicks her chair, in frustration, which she felt. Upon doing so, Jack starts to fade, and quickly used whatever he could think of to get her attention, such as flicking the light switch on and off, turn her book's pages, and draw a smiley face on her desk with her sandwich. Out of options and fading fast, he frustratedly called out to her, which she hears, and uses her phone to see Jack and Vaughn in the Hidden Side before learning his hew companion is Parker's great-great-great-grandfather.

The Great Escape

Jack and Vaughn meet the rest of the Ghost Hunters by a tree, and open up a portal between the Hidden Side and the Living World. Before they can both go through, Lady E. arrives. In order to stop her going through the portal, Jack hurries through, leaving Vaughn behind. However, when the portal is closing, she manages to squeeze through anyway, and continues to the Fatal Reef Lighthouse. Jack and the rest of the Ghost Hunters follow her.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Parker and Jack ride toward the lighthouse in jet skis while communicating with J.B., who is in her bus, and Douglas, who is in his plane. But before they can reach the Lighthouse, Lady E. releases Joe Ishmael, who attacks Parker and Jack with his spyglass. They shoot at him with their phones, but it has little effect on him.

They call J.B., who tells them to stop them by getting to his eye. This causes Douglas to ride his plane over to Joe Ishmael and knock the spyglass out of his grip, weakening him. Jack and Parker shoot at him again, and Jack captures him. They high-five, but J.B. tells them not to celebrate, since Lady E. had opened portals all over Newbury.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

Jack and Parker get off their jet skis at the dock, and run up to the lighthouse to face Lady E. When they make it to the top, they begin to shoot at her with their phones, but this causes her light to go out. Unable to see her, the try to shoot at her based on where her voice is coming from, but fail to hit their mark.

Lady E. then takes them by surprise by suddenly appearing in front of them. Before they can shoot at her again, she uses her power to push them off the lighthouse. Douglas, riding his plane beneath them, stops their fall, but they unbalance the plane and it crashes. Then, Sweet Sally arrives, and J.B. and Spencer unboard, checking to see if they are okay. Spencer licks Jack's face.

In order to stop Lady E., J.B. suggests that they cause Sweet Sally to explode, which she believes will release enough Ghost-trapping energy to stop Lady E. Seeing that they have no choice, J.B., Jack, and Parker get on the bus. While J.B. drives toward the lighthouse, Jack and Parker press all the buttons they can, in order to cause an explosion. Once they have done so, they lean out the door to shoot at any Ghosts that try to get in the way of the bus.

Once they are close enough to the lighthouse and Lady E., they all exit the bus. Jack and Parker quickly grab their skateboards on the way out, and watch the bus explode. Then they approach the scene of the explosion, and J.B. captures a weakened Lady E. with her phone. The congratulate J.B. on capturing her, but she still feels bad about sacrificing Sweet Sally, until a firetruck drives up and she claims that the truck will be the next Sweet Sally.

Leaving her to it, Jack and Parker talk about what they will do if they aren't hunting Ghosts, until Douglas points out that Ghosts are still coming through the portals. Jack and Parker enthusiastically begin shooting at the Ghosts.


Jack wears a red-letter jacket as well as a white hooded sweatshirt and black pants with a brown belt that seems to have a brown wallet chain with a bone-shaped keyring hooked on it. His hat is red and black with three red diagonal lines on it. His sweatshirt also has three red lines where the right shoulder is. He has brown hair although the hat, as well as the hood of his sweatshirt, covers his hair. He also has a '+' shaped scar on his right cheek. From "Doom Buggy" to "The Great Escape", Jack doesn't wear his letter jacket, but retains his sweatshirt and pants, as well as wearing black gloves. While in the Hidden Side from "Grave Situation" to "The Great Escape," his face, gloves, and all portions of red on him are blue. Starting from "The Lighthouse, Part 1," Jack returns to wearing his letter jacket, but has his hood lowered and hat on backwards to reveal his hair.


Jack can get distracted very easily and is somewhat of a glory hogger, as he often posts videos on BOO-Tube, and believes he is a better Ghost Hunter than his friends. He mostly doesn't take ghost hunting seriously but understands its meaning. He also has a caring side as he cares for his dog, Spencer, and the safety of the Ghost Hunters, such as saving Parker from drowning and objects to Douglas' reckless actions.



LEGO Hidden Side


Season 1

Season 2


  • Jack lived in Boston before moving to Newbury.
  • Jack loves Lime Slushies and can drink up to a hundred at a time.
    • Because of that, he is responsible for Spewer coming into existence.
  • Jack appears in every Hidden Side set except 40336 Newbury Juice Bar and 70433 J.B.'s Submarine.
  • Before finding out what Mr. Nibs really was Jack thought his Teddy Bear form was cute.
  • In "Face Your Fears," he was briefly possessed by a Ghost similar to The Bawa and turned into a Gloombie.
  • He is one of five Gloombies without a possessed minifigure.
  • He's the only known character who has a BOO-Tube channel.
  • His variant including black gloves and excluding the letterman jacket didn't make an appearance until "Doom Buggy". His other variant involving the hood down and hat on backward to show his hair makes its first appearance in "The Lighthouse, Part 1."
  • He is the second Ghost Hunter to be sent to the Hidden Side, the first was Douglas Elton.
    • When in the Hidden Side, Jack's whole body turns blue, including the stripes on his hoodie and color of his cap.
  • Jack is the only known human to have entered the Hidden Side and survived.
    • Despite Douglas having entered the Hidden Side first, he did not survive. However, Douglas has possessed the plastic skeleton in the science classroom to stick with the ghost hunters.
  • He is the only character to appear in every episode of LEGO Hidden Side.


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