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“What? Gotta let my subscribers know I lived.”
— Jack Davids

Jack Davids is a 13 year old high school student born in Boston who works with the Ghost Hunters. He has a pet ghost dog, Spencer, who had originally died in a traffic accident before his family moved to Newbury.

Official Description

Meet Jack Davids (13) 2019

"It’s not easy being the new kid in town – AND the school headmaster’s son. But after Jack joins Parker and scientist J.B. in their local ghost hunter/paranormal investigator operation, the town of Newbury becomes a lot more exciting – and scary. Apart from his ghost dog Spencer, Jack’s biggest passion is his online video channel (BOO-Tube, anyone?) His live-streaming and excited commentary often distracts him from focusing on the job at hand. But when it counts, he’s brave and resourceful."

Always Live (2019)

"No longer the new kid in town, Jack’s vlog is really starting to take off. He’s actually pretty obsessed with subscribers, likes, comments and view counts. But until his passion for videos starts to interfere with ghost hunting, it’s no big deal, right? …Right?"

Heroes of Hidden Side

"Student by day, ghost-hunter by night, live-streamer all the time! That’s Jack. Moving to Newbury wasn’t easy at first, what with being the new kid at school in a boring little town, and also his mom’s the headmaster, and the whole thing was just ugh. But now things are going great for Jack, and his vlog has really taken off. He may be spending just a little too much time making videos, though – especially after he meets his idol, vlogging superstar Rami. What’s the rest of the ghost-hunting squad going to say? Is his friendship with Parker about to take a hit as he chases more clicks and views? Nah, don’t think so. Those two are inseparable!"

Meet Jack Davids (13) 2020

"Middle-school student by day, Newbury’s self-admitted-close-second-best-ghost-hunter-right-after-Parker* by night, and a live-streamer round the clock. (Make sure you like and subscribe!) It turns out, Jack’s vlog is actually the perfect cover for our team of ghost-hunting heroes because everyone assumes the ghosts are animated. But if Jack is serious about attracting enough subscribers to get his coveted Sapphire Play Button and work with his idol, Rami – and he is – he may have to choose his battles wisely. * Well, it’s because there was this one time, he ran out of battery in the middle of a ghost battle. And then there was that other time when he didn’t realize Parker was gloomed because he was so preoccupied with live view counts. So… still, second-best! Yay!"

Always Live (2020)

Jack’s vlog is really starting to take off, and it turns out it’s actually the perfect cover for our team of ghost-hunting heroes because everyone assumes the ghosts are animated. And now super-vlog-star Rami wants to shoot videos together – this is the big break Jack’s been waiting for!


Jack wears a red letterman jacket as well as a white hooded sweatshirt and black pants with a brown belt that seems to have a brown wallet chain with a bone-shaped keyring hooked on it. His hat is red and black with three red diagonal lines on it. His sweatshirt also has three red lines where the right shoulder is.

He has shoulder lenght, messy brown hair although the hat, as well as the hood of his sweatshirt, covers his hair. He also has a + shaped scar on his right cheek. From "Doom Buggy" to "The Great Escape", Jack doesn't wear his letter jacket, but retains his sweatshirt and pants, as well as wearing black gloves. In a video, he wears it with blue gloves on "Night of the Harbinger". While in the Hidden Side from "Grave Situation" to "The Great Escape," his face, gloves, and all portions of red on him are blue. Starting from "The Lighthouse, Part 1," Jack returns to wearing his letterman jacket, but has his hood lowered and hat on backwards to reveal his hair.


Jack can get distracted very easily and is somewhat of a glory hogger, as he often posts videos on BOO-Tube, and believes he is a better Ghost Hunter than his friends. He mostly doesn't take ghost hunting seriously but understands its meaning. He also has a caring side as he cares for his dog, Spencer, and the safety of the Ghost Hunters, such as saving Parker from drowning and objects to Douglas' reckless actions.



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Night of the Harbinger


  • Since Jack's last name is also his mother's surname and his father is never seen with them, it can be implied that either Rose had divorced or separated from her Jack's father before she gave birth to Jack.
  • Jack loves Lime Slushies and can drink up to a hundred at a time.
    • Because of that, he is responsible for Spewer coming into existence.
  • Jack appears in every Hidden Side set except 40336 Newbury Juice Bar and 70433 J.B.'s Submarine.
  • Before finding out what Mr. Nibs really was Jack thought his Teddy Bear form was cute.
  • In "Face Your Fears," he was briefly possessed by a Ghost similar to The Bawa and turned into a Gloombie.
  • He is one of five Gloombies without a possessed minifigure.
  • He's the only known character who has a BOO-Tube channel.
  • His variant including black gloves and excluding the letterman jacket didn't make an appearance until "Doom Buggy". His other variant involving the hood down and hat on backward to show his hair makes its first appearance in "The Lighthouse, Part 1."
  • He is the second Ghost Hunter to be sent to the Hidden Side, the first was Douglas Elton.
    • When in the Hidden Side, Jack's whole body turns blue, including the stripes on his hoodie and color of his cap.
  • Jack is the only known human to have entered the Hidden Side and survived.
    • Despite Douglas having entered the Hidden Side first, he did not survive. However, Douglas has possessed the plastic skeleton in the science classroom to stick with the Ghost Hunters.
  • He is the only character to appear in every episode of LEGO Hidden Side.
  • In the sets, his hair and hat combo piece shows the hat as being red and only the front being black, but in the Lighthouse Parts 1 and 2, the entire hat is black, with only the stripes on the front being red.


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