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Not to be confused with the actual set.
“It looks abandoned.”
“The sign says it's open 24/7.”
Parker and Jack

Joe's Shrimp Shack is an abandoned restaurant at Grimsmouth Cove.


Don't Choke Now

Spencer enters the uninhibited restaurant after smelling bacon. Parker and Jack are able to enter, but are confronted by Anomalo, who forces them to a bacon eating contest.

The Hunters win, but Anomalo attacks them instead of letting them go. However, Parker is able to capture Anomalo onto her phone.

Doom Buggy

When Parker, Jack, and J.B. exit Sweet Sally, Joe's Shrimp Shack can be seen in the background.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

J.B. drives past the Shrimp Shack on her way to the Lighthouse to stop Lady Evelina. Soon after that, Lady E opens a portal to the Hidden Side in front of the store.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

Lady Evelina is seen opening a portal in front of Joe's Shrimp Shack.


  • The Shack had another restaurant as competition called "Shrimply Shrimpo International".




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