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Kreatoru is a Boss Ghost that appeared in LEGO Hidden Side.


He wears a scuba diver suit covered in angler fish with a broken face shield. The illicium of the two angler fish on either side of his head seem to be making up Kreatoru's eyes. Kreatoru's left arm holds a harpoon.


Site Bio

Back in the day, the deep sea diver looted treasures from sunken ships as lighthouse keeper Joe Ishmael’s partner in crime. Now half deep-sea-diver, half angler-fish, this contorted creature (still) looks all kinds of crooked. His enormous suction mouth will make your jaw drop with awe and/or fear and/or disgust. Ew, gross! It will latch onto anything or anyone in the waters of Fatal Reef and crumple ships, sail boats and submarines like soda cans.

Most Wanted Ghosts: Kreatoru

Half deep sea diver, half angler-fish, this contorted creature looks – and is – all kinds of crooked. His enormous suction mouth will make your jaw drop with awe and/or fear and/or disgust. It will latch onto anything and crumple ships, sail boats and submarines like puny soda cans.

App Bio

"Half man, half angler fish. This creature haunts the depths near Fatal Reef. Swim at your own risk."


Night of the Harbinger

When the Ghost Hunters came to the Bay of Souls to close a Hidden Side hole, they saw Kreatoru in the water nearby. He approached them on an angler fish, and attacked them in their submarine. He almost defeated them, but Vaughn saved them and the Ghost Hunters worked together to force Kreatoru back into the hole and close it.


Bubble Curtain (App)

Kreatoru can summon a curtain of bubbles around himself that will protect him from Ghost Hunter shots.


Kreatoru, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Kreatoru, like all Ghosts, can possess humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Night of the Harbinger


  • He is one of the Wild Ghosts.
  • He is the third Boss Ghost to be associated with water, the first two being Captain Archibald (being a pirate) and Joe Ishmael (being a lighthouse keeper).
    • Additionally, he is the sixth ghost to be fused with a living thing (angler fish), the first five being Captain Archibald (fused with an octopus), Mamali (fused with a tree), Samuel Mason (fused with his partner, John C. Newt), Anomalo (fused with cockroaches), and Rat Shaun (fused with rats).
      • He is also the ninth ghost to be fused with an object, the other three being Spewer, Mr. Nibs, and Trucker Dale, although the former two are arguable.
  • He is the only Wild Ghost in Wave 3 of LEGO Hidden Side.
  • With Kreatoru, there are now ghosts of every type that are associated with water: in Wave 1, there was Captain Archibald (Anger Ghost), In Wave 2, there was Joe Ishmael (Sad Ghost), and in Wave 3, there is Kreatoru (Wild Ghost), Crooked Sven Robin (Anger Ghost), The Duke (Wild Ghost), and Flavio (Sad Ghost), although the latter three are Legendary Ghosts.
    • Coincidentally, Captain Archibald, Joe Ishmael, and Kreatoru all used to hang out near Fatal Reef.
  • He is Joe Ishmael's partner in crime, according to the Site Bio.
    • Also according to his site bio, Kreatoru has an unseen suction mouth that can crush ships like soda cans.
  • On the top of his head, there appears to be a cut oxygen cord, implying that he drowned.
  • In "Night of the Harbinger", he is seen attached to a giant ghost angler fish, presumably in a symbiotic relationship.
    • It is this angler fish's esca at the end of its illicium that make up Kreatoru's eyes, rather than several small angler fish.
    • For some reason, the one in the show don’t have anger fishes like the one in the app.


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