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"For the app the Ghost Hunters use in the series, see Ghost Hunter App."

LEGO® Hidden Side™is a Ghost hunting augmented reality game that uses LEGO products.


The app was released by LEGO on July 29, 2019, and is available on most mobile devices. It updates often and has multiple features as of launch.

Version History

The current and most recent version, 3.4.0 , released on March 13, 2021.


Players solve mysteries and play games with characters by scanning different sets with their devices. The game's main niche feature is the AR (augmented reality) feature that works with the LEGO sets from the Hidden Side Line. The AR feature is exclusive to one of two modes in the app. These two modes are the 'Hunter' and 'Ghost' modes each with their own controls and goals.

Hunter Mode (singleplayer)

In Hunter Mode, the player takes the role of a ghost hunter ready to defend his/her set. In Hunter mode, the player's health bar is in the form of a phone battery. The player only loses health when they get hit by a ghost's gloom attack (the percentage loss ranges based on the ghost's rarity, one star doing the least amount of damage, four stars doing the most). Once a player's health is depleted, they lose the level. The player starts the level by scanning the physical model of their set. Upon the scan, the AR effects kick in and surround the area. In many sets, some parts of the model are given an animation to enhance the experience. Players scan one part of the color wheel (red, yellow, and blue; matching the colors of the three ghost types) to detect areas of gloom. Once these areas are uncovered, the player then scans the gloomed spot. One of six things can happen once a player deglooms a spot on their set.

  1. The player encounters a ghost whose type matches the color of the gloomed spot. This ghost is commonly seen glooming the set at the beginning of the game. The player then uses their blaster to deplete the ghost's health. If the player repeatedly shoots for too long, their blaster overheats and they have to wait for it to cool down. Once the ghost is out of health, they are then captured.
  2. The player receives Gloom. Based on their upgrades, they may earn bonus gloom.
  3. The player must place a minifigure on an area of their set and then scan the minifig. The scan determines if the minifig has been transformed into a gloombie. If the minifig is not a gloombie, the player receives a battery cell that can restore some energy the player lost when battling a ghost. If the minifig is a gloombie, then one of four things can happen.
    1. The player encounters a ghost of any type. The player must capture the ghost to proceed.
    2. The player receives gloom. Based on their upgrades, they may earn bonus gloom.
    3. Nagging Nathan will jumpscare the player. The player will not earn any rewards for deglooming the gloombie.
    4. On rare occasions, the player will gain a Soul Artifact (see #6).
  4. The player will have to scan a colored brick hidden within the set (for example, the 1x2 bricks hidden behind the banners in 70425 Newbury Haunted High School). Once they scan the brick, a special animation will occur (again, in 70425 Newbury Haunted High School, a swarm of black widows will crawl away from the bricks behind the banners once scanned), and one of two things will happen.
    1. The player encounters a ghost of any type. The player must capture the ghost to proceed.
    2. On rare occasions, the player will gain a Soul Artifact.
  5. On rare occasions, Nagging Nathan will perform a jumpscare. This will involve him jumping up onto your camera and shaking it around until he disappears. You cannot shoot Nathan, as the blaster does not pull up. The player will not receive any awards after he disappears.
  6. On rare occasions, the player will gain a Soul Artifact. A few seconds after the artifact is scanned, the Boss Ghost for that set will appear (or in sets like 70425 Newbury Haunted High School and 70424 Ghost Train Express, the player will have to do special actions before fighting the boss ghost). Once the boss ghost is captured, the player wins the level automatically, without having to degloom each remaining spot. However, the artifact must be scanned before the player deglooms each spot in the level, or else the Boss Ghost will not appear.

Once a player completes a level, they will unlock new ghosts based off the ones they fought in the level (along with 50 research points for each new ghost), and/or earn research points for ghosts the player has captured in past levels. They can play as the ghosts they have unlocked in Ghost Mode.

Hunter Mode (multiplayer)

In Hunter Mode (multiplayer), the goal of the Hunter is to capture all nine ghosts (three ghosts for each other player). The player sets up a game and waits for three other players (the ghosts) to join. Once all the players have joined, the hunter will scan their set (the AR surroundings differ from single player to multiplayer). The Hunter spends the game repeatedly scanning their color wheel to find the other players glooming their set. Hunting ghosts is much easier in multiplayer as their health is much lower than in single player (health stats differ from ghost to ghost). As a result, it also takes much faster for the Hunter's blaster to overheat if they shoot for too long. Once the hunter captures all nine ghosts, or if time runs out, the game ends.

Ghost Mode (multiplayer)

The player plays as a team of ghosts haunting a set, collecting and spreading Gloom (The player can choose their ghost team based off ghosts they have unlocked previously in the inventory menu. A ghost team consists of one ghost of each type). The Ghost has a health bar that decreases every time they are zapped by the Ghost Hunter's phone or by any of the other Ghost Hunters (Jack, J.B., Parker, Douglas, and Vaughn, as these characters only help the hunter in certain levels). If the Ghost’s health is depleted, they will be captured and drop power-ups (if they had any upon being captured in addition to the ones they already had prior).

  • Red: Gives you a Damage Boost.
  • Blue: Gives you a Health boost.
  • Yellow: Gives you a Speed Boost.

The Ghosts have to gloom the digital build of the set by shooting balls of Gloom at the different parts of the set. Doing this will increase the percentage bar that shows the progress of the Ghost. Once the ghosts gloom the set at 100%, time is up, or the hunter runs away, the game ends.


The currency of this game comes in two ways: Gloom and Spirit. When players capture a Ghost in Hunter Mode, players get a bit of Gloom for it. Spirit is awarded to the player by playing Ghost mode and successfully completing the level. Gloom takes the form of a green stud while Spirit is grey or silver.

Spirit can be used to upgrade a ghost to the next level, slightly boosting their stats if they have enough research points. Ghosts earn research points each time a player captures that ghost in Hunter mode or by using them in multiplayer mode.

Gloom has two uses, it can be used to activate a 3x3 grid of powers; randomly selecting one power to boost. Gloom can also be used to purchase research points in the workshop with a 1 point to 10 gloom ratio.

Leveling Up

  • Level 1: 100 XP/200 Spirit
  • Level 2: 105 XP/210 Spirit
  • Level 3: 110 XP/220 Spirit
  • Level 4: 115 XP/230 Spirit
  • Level 5: 120 XP/240 Spirit
  • Level 6: 125 XP/250 Spirit
  • Level 7: 130 XP/260 Spirit
  • Level 8: 135 XP/270 Spirit
  • Level 9: 140 XP/280 spirit
  • Level 10: 145 XP/290 Spirit
  • Level 11: 150 XP/300 Spirit
  • Level 12: 160 XP/320 Spirit
  • Level 13: 170 XP/340 Spirit
  • Level 14: 180 XP/360 Spirit



  • The app is available from the App Store and Google Play.
  • The app game originally had only one ghost level which was the cemetery and players could not pick the difficulty of the levels. Later updates have changed this.
  • LEGO revealed they were working on a multiplayer option.[1]
    • The multiplayer game mode update was released on December 26, 2019.
  • Despite having a more reddish-crimson coloring in the app, in the box art for each set and the TV show, the Anger Ghosts are portrayed with a more pinkish hue.
  • When the app was updated for the coming of Wave 3, Spencer started to make short appearances during Hunter Mode.
  • There are several Easter eggs in a lot of the levels that deal with past Lego City sets and other locations throughout Newbury.
    • So far, the aforementioned easter eggs are:
      • The Canoe from the Shrimp boat under the Shrimp Shack (in the level’s ghost mode).
      • The Dragon Graffiti from the stunt truck level (in the ghost mode) makes an appearance in the Train, Stunt Plane, Prison, and Fire Truck levels.
      • The Portable Toilet makes a cameo in the multiplayer map of Bus level in the corner of the map.
      • The Motorcycle from the Stunt Truck set in the Beach Buggy Level (in hunter mode).
      • The rover from the Shrimp Shack Attack set in the Beach buggy level.
      • A wrecked airplane similar to the Creator 3-in-1 Airplane and the LEGO City Airport Air show plane make a cameo in the Stunt Plane Level.
      • The "Shadow" graffiti makes appearances both in the Subway and Stunt Plane multiplayer levels.
      • The Red and white buggy from the beach buggy level’s ghost mode is the LEGO City set 60145: Buggy.
        • The same buggy also makes an appearance in the Fire Truck Level’s Ghost mode.
      • Captain Archibald’s tentacles are seen in the Tree, Stunt plane, Racecar, and Prison Levels (all in hunter Mode).
      • Vaughn G. Jackson’s Racecar in the Mystery Castle Level’s Hunter mode.
        • The Drag Racer and the black truck from the fire truck set both make a cameo in the digital build of the Racecar.
      • In the Graveyard, Tree and Mystery Castle levels, there is a fountain with a statue that is similar to Mamali.
      • The bench from the High School level makes an appearance in both the Tree and The Fire Truck levels.
      • The Newbury Juice Bar and Chef Enzo’s Haunted Hotdogs stand in the Fire Truck Level’s Ghost mode.
      • A letter and number combination resembling the word "matoi" appear on sticker #9 I the Fire Truck set. This is a reference to the movie PROMARE, as the designer of this set is a fan of the movie.
      • El Fuego’s Stunt Cannon(and by extent, El Fuego himself) in the Prison Level.
      • The LEGO City set 60232 Fire Chief Response Truck in the Fire Truck Level.
      • The Vending machine from both the Subway and Tree Levels appears in the Fire Truck Level(behind the motel).
      • In the Train level(hunter mode), there’s a forklift behind the rearmost car that looks exactly like the LEGO Technic set 82901 Mini Forklift.
      • The black truck that is on the left of the Racecar looks like tha same as the Lego City set 60148 ATV Race Team.