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“Have you come to play with me? Because you can't stop me!”
— Lady E., "Skeleton in the Closet"

Lady Evelina D'Ombre (also known as Lady E. or The Lady for short) is the former leader of the Ghosts. She had many connections to most of the Ghosts and is tied to or responsible for many dark points in Newbury's history.


In the painting, she is shown wearing what looks to be a white 19th Century Walking Dress with a red sash around the waist, a light green brooch and a wide, white sun hat with a pink ribbon around it. Her skin is in the normal minifigure yellow and had wavy black hair that went down past the shoulders.

In "Don't Choke Now", a picture of her can be seen in Shrimp Shack wearing the same white dress.

Later, when Captain Archibald pours the concoction onto her portrait, it changes her form on the painting into a skeleton with an evil grin.

When she briefly returned to Newbury, before being forced back into the Hidden Side, she resembled more of a skeletal serpent with a human skull. Her hat and hair remain mostly unchanged, though her hat does have a few tiny holes in it.

As a Ghost she looks the same as her portrait except that her entire body is white and has no legs, her hat and dress are torn and the cameo brooch is replaced by a necklace with a red pendant. However, in the Hidden Side, her entire body is dark green.

As an Anger Ghost, she looks like a more nightmarish version of her former self with her white clothes having turned to a darker color, her skin being white and her hair standing out as if they were snakes. Unlike other Anger Ghosts, the only parts of her body that are red are her eyes, her pendant and a red glow that surrounds her.


Site Bio

Yep, she’s still around, and more vengeful than ever! You know she wants to return to Newbury so bad. This time she has an evil plan to capture Jack and force our heroes to open a gateway into the Hidden Side, so that she can escape right into the real world and rule us all. We may have a big problem on our hands, my friend...

App Bio

Still here. Waiting to cross over and lay her cold arms around her beloved Newbury...and crush it!


She doesn't make a physical appearance in any of the sets, but a painting of her is shown in 70425 Newbury Haunted High School. She also appears as the Boss Ghost in 70427 Welcome to the Hidden Side.


Hidden Portal (App)

Lady E. can deploy a temporary portal of a random color on the ground.


Lady E., like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on her enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Lady E., like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side


Season 1

Season 2

Night of the Harbinger


  • In the app she is a member of the Anger Ghosts.
  • Lady Evelina was born before 1688. [1]
  • She is so far the only ghost to have two different forms, the skeleton, and the normal version.
    • Interestingly, she is the only Anger Ghost who doesn't have red as their main design color, instead its white despite having a red aura.
  • According to Mamali's site bio, Evelina is apparently a few centuries old.
  • In "Face Your Fears," a portrait of her is shown that is listed to be from 1888.
  • She is usually referred to as "The Lady" by her ghost minions.
  • In the painting of her in the "Newbury Haunted High School" set, she seems like a young girl, but in the paintings of her seen in the Hidden Side episodes, she looks older, making it unclear if her physical appearance in those images are meant to be that of either a child, a teenager or a young adult.
  • In "Skeleton in the Closet" her ghost form is different from the app game. This is most likely because of the Blood Moon ritual she tried to use in escaping the Hidden Side.
  • She, Anomalo, and Ellen Tucana are the only known Ghosts whose appearances as a human have been revealed.
  • Lady E and Vaughn G. Jackson are the only ghosts with human-like appearances.
  • She is the only ghost who is able to change their appearance, As shown in "Grave Situation" and "The Lighthouse, Part 1".
  • In the app, Lady E and Tragico's charge shots are high-speed.
  • Like other boss ghosts such as Tragico and Trucker Dale, Lady E can send swirling, rapid volleys of red gloom at the Hunter in single-player mode.
  • Her last name is D'Ombre. [2]
    • Her last name, D'Ombre, has the French word "ombre" as the base name, which can be translated as "grey", "shadow", or "ghost" from French.
  • In the Hidden Side Magazine 6 comic, she commanded the ghost workers to lay a pipeline underground to the town centre to pump Newbury full of gloom.


  1. Mamali's bio claims that while she was alive, she pretended to be Evelina's nanny in order to trick people into thinking that she was a child despite being "a few centuries old". A few implies more than one, meaning that by 1888, she would have to have been at least 200 years old, so therefore she had to have been born by at least 1688.
  2. Hidden Side Magazine 9
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