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Below is a list of Ghost abilities in the app.

List of known ghost abilities

Image Power Description Ghosts
15FCD227-6D56-47A2-AA74-A474B4E5C1CB.jpeg Flight Gain the ability to fly. Madame Digamberetto
Poor Thaddeus
BF27E486-903E-4E67-AFFC-2B834D5F3DF2.jpeg Ghost Gang Summon multiple decoys of your ghost in a puff of smoke. Roy
Barry The Bomber
Luis Piedrecita
Vito Andale
Magnus Gornason
8E7DFE6F-F66B-4965-A4AB-44CC4842FB4C.jpeg Gloom Wall Deploy a wall of solid gloom that will block hunter shots. Wendy Batt
T.E. Anderson
Drew "Jockstrap" Jones
Old Leon
Judge Higgins
AB144930-008D-4014-869C-30FFEA7A716A.jpeg Gloombrella Deploy a cloud of solid Gloom that will block Hunter's shots. Jeremy Jones
Monsieur Forte
Gary Linemann
Xiao Wen
96FE499A-94E4-4BA4-925C-27E0C0A308C4.jpeg Heal Heal nearby Ghosts. Ted Bixby

Chef Brennan
Chester the Jester

9DE8A4A9-9625-4888-98E5-28AA49E769B4.jpeg Healing Pad Deploy a pad that heals any ghost who touches it.

Molly Jones
Butch Lindenburger
Nurse Nellie
Doctor Julius

6307604F-B91A-4632-8515-123B1C01B528.jpeg Invisiblity Turns your ghost invisible temporarily, hiding you from the hunter. Bobby Marchese
Jake Rosebud
Matt with the Propeller Hat
"Lumber" Zack
10C15D8D-8F6F-4BE4-81BF-E19560EAB413.jpeg Jump Making a long leap into the air to get over obstacles. Don Janko
Mr. White
Ms. Sandri
Wild Thomas
Lumberjack Leroy
CF292CAC-EA15-488D-A226-131FA694FD6D.jpeg Jump Pad Deploy a pad that will launch any ghost who touches it into the air. Alex Boudoun
Professor Iken
El Insano
Jump Blink Blink forward a set distance. Joe Rotten
Garfield Gonzalez
Grandma Winnie
Cassius 'Blackeye' Sockem
E3CA28DA-2DCE-49B7-B6F6-4E99B547C682.jpeg Random Blink Blink to a random location around you. Mr. Mueller
Sir Kane the Insane
Grandpa Sam

Belulah Demonay

73580926-0D78-4D81-B314-56A1D2C1C224.jpeg Sentry Deploy a short range spectral turret that will fire at the nearest target in range. Air Marshall Brooks
Barney Mcphly
Joe Snow
Old Fuller
Old Niek
6CCE9B95-FB94-41C6-949B-50F1CEE7B6BF.jpeg Shifting Bait Summon up to 3 decoy ghosts that match the hunter's color. Maiken Hill
Ron Duke
Zeb Jackson
Murray Andreeves
Lil' Bo Pumpkins
Don Hernando
File:014AD831-85D1-4C1C-A3BF-51B7BD5EAD9A.jpeg Speed Boost Grants nearby ghosts a speed boost. Hilary Delivery
Ivan Monroe
Nagging Nathan
8719217B-28D5-41DE-A4E2-48646CA64430.jpeg Speed Boost Pad Deploy a pad that will grant any Ghost who touches it a speed boost. Alice
Crooked Sven Robin
Luigi Gelato
Mr. Tucker
Trudy Joy
CA03CFD2-0EA1-4C20-B992-90569ABF5F90.jpeg Tracking Gloom Fire a damaging gloom shot that homes in on the nearest targetable spot. Andy Lasky
Ben "Batter" Jackson
Gary Atric
Annie Bonnie
70288E80-E6BB-40F4-A6BE-DE695859D0F5.jpeg Teleportal Teleport to a portal that matches your ghost's color. Flavio
Morgan Walken
Nanna Borom
Ol' Elinor

Boss Ghost exclusive abilities

Image Power Description Ghost
987E5DD9-09E6-4D31-B29A-D99BDF7F221C.jpeg Bubble Curtain Summons bubbles around the set to disrupt hunter’s shots. Kreatoru
Clown Car Summons a car that will summon decoys over time. Tragico
6E4B3A7A-68BF-4DCF-8A03-BBC569342D19.jpeg Drag Race Creates a short, but extreme speed. Maxine Turbo
B2C65EE0-807B-4F65-B73F-965BED577D02.jpeg Firestarter Heats up the Hunter's phone. Blaze M. Barr
Gloom Engine Deploys a pad that generates gloom. Trucker Dale
Gloomseeker.jpeg Gloom Seekers Deploy a few seekers that will fetch him Gloom. Joe Ishmael
252F7B28-F183-44FA-AF7B-F9BA8555C7DA.jpeg Gloom Snack Absorb Gloom from the air around it. The Maw
Hiddenportal.jpeg Hidden Portal Summon a temporary portal to the HIDDEN SIDE nearby. Lady Evelina
Kraken.jpeg Kraken Call Summon an abyssal tentacle to attack the nearest target within range. Captain Archibald
919AD147-10CC-493C-968A-77F594EB0450.jpeg Powerful Potions Drops a potion that grants a different benefit depending on the color.

(Red=Damage boost, Blue=Health boost, and Yellow=speed boost)

Dr. Drewell
B43B3DFF-19B0-4BB2-9182-F6FE402D52AB.jpeg Prison Break Summons a decoy and sends it running straight forward. Bart Chaney
Ratking.jpeg Rat King Makes his rats form a decoy. Rat Shaun
Recall Leaves a piece of himself behind. When he uses the power again, he returns instantly to that place. Spewer
Rootroof.jpeg Root Roof Grows a twisted canopy of branches over your head that will block the hunter's shots. Mamali
Shadowbear.jpeg Shadow Bears Throws a shadow bear on the nearest target on the set that will do damage over time. Mr. Nibs
Shadowflight.jpeg Shadowflight Gain the ability to fly and heal for a portion of the gloom you spread. The Bawa
Sonicboom.jpeg Sonic Boom Activate thrusters for quick flight. Harry Cane
Soulshot.jpeg Soul Shot Prepares a powerful long range shot that will hit multiple times next time you fire at a target. Samuel Mason
Spew.jpeg Spew Throws up a volley of gloom bullets that will home in on the set and hit a variety of targets. Anomalo