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You thought you could stop Lady E.? I'll punish you and these three. They have no idea what you're trying to hide, so I'm taking them to the Hidden Side!”
— Mamali, to Jack and Parker, "Parents Just Don't Understand"

Mamali (also known as Nanny Mamali) is one of Lady E.'s most loyal followers and in life served as her former (fake) nanny. Even after death, she continues to serve her dark mistress.

Official Description

Site Bio

One of Lady E.’s most trusted and loyal allies/former fake nanny (to keep up appearances that Evelina was a sweet little girl, even though she was, in fact, at least a few centuries old). Mamali would lock up visitors to their mansion and drain their soul essence with her hypnotic lullabies. Dazed guests would have no memory of their stay, except in dreams, with Mamali’s shrill voice haunting them.

App Bio

An evil Nanny. She will lock you up and her awful lullabies will give nightmares for years to come.


Season 1

Vlog Hog

While Jack is looking through his phone, he sees Mamali approaching him and gets scared. Jack tries to run away, but Mamali captures him using the branches of a possessed tree. She then sings him a lullaby song and tries to devour Jack, but Parker and Douglas save him and lock up Mamali in the Mausoleum.

Skeleton in the Closet

Inside Newbury High School, she places her Soul Artifact into the potion in order to bring back Lady E. from the Hidden Side. When the Ghost Hunters show up, she attacks Jack, but is immediately chased away by the blaster.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Mamali turns Mr. Clarke, Rose Davids and Bob and Linda Jackson into Goombies to get revenge on Jack and Parker for preventing Lady E's return, by attempting to take their parents to the Hidden Side until Parker manages to capture Mamali with Jack's phone.

Season 2

Grave Situation

Mamali is one of the Ghosts revived by Lady E. after she hit Jack's phone with Gloom. All of the Boss Ghosts surround Jack and are about to destroy him, but a stranger mysteriously appears out of nowhere and saves Jack.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Mamali, along with other remaining Boss Ghosts, meets Lady Evelina at the Fatal Reef Lighthouse and congratulates her on her plan. Lady E. then says that she needs the souls of her followers to open up the portals to the Hidden Side, and takes their souls, resulting in them dying for the second time.


Mamali has long hair tied in a bun, and is dressed like a nanny with a white apron and a hat. She is blue colored and has pointy fingers resembling tree branches. Mamali also possesses a huge mouth capable of consuming even Humans in one bite.


Root Roof (App)

Mamali can grow a twisted canopy of branches over her head that will block the hunter's shots.


Mamali, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on her enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Mamali, like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.

Agrokinesis (Web Episodes)

Mamali has the power to control roots in order to capture opponents.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 1

Season 2

Night of the Harbinger


  • She's a member of the Sad Ghosts.
  • She apparently fused with the tree in the graveyard, given the branches and roots that seem to grow off of her ghostly form.
  • Almost every time she's on screen, most notably in "Vlog Hog", a cracking sound is heard every time she moves her neck, implying that she might have suffered a broken neck.
  • She, Lady E. and Maxine Turbo are currently the only known female Boss Ghosts.
    • They're also the only female Boss Ghosts of their respective waves.
  • In "Parents Just Don't Understand," she speaks in rhymes for the duration of the episode.
  • Mamali knows what a selfie is even though she lived in a time where no such term existed.
  • You can catch Mamali is both Single Hunter mode and Minifig Scan mode.
  • Which appears to be a glitch or an Easter Egg.
  • In the multiplayer modes for Mystery Castle, Graveyard, and Tree, she appears as the centerpiece on the fountain.
    • Because of this, she is the second known ghost to make an in-app cameo (the first being Captain Archibald.)
  • Despite not being the final Boss Ghost of the first LEGO Hidden Side wave, Mamali is actually the Boss Ghost the Ghost Hunters had to deal with the most in wave one, as she was the final evil Boss Ghost to be captured in wave one and was the main villain in "Vlog Hog" and "Parents Just Don't Understand."
  • She is the second Ghost to be fused with an object.


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