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Newbury is a small, coastal town located in the deep south of the country in the Living Side and the setting for LEGO Hidden Side.


The town has been haunted for centuries with all kinds of monsters such as Vampires, Gargoyles and Witches, in particular a witch named Lady Evelina or just "Lady E" who stole souls from the townsfolk and turned them into her slaves who go on to murder anyone who crosses their path such as Samuel Mason. However, very few people noticed the paranormal activity as Lady E managed to cover her tracks with her from her minions, mainly her fake nanny Mamali and those who did notice became Ghost Hunters in order to save Newbury. The first Ghost Hunter was Vaughn G. Jackson, who battled both monsters and ghosts and managed to drag Lady E to the Hidden Side with him at the cost of his own life.

Centuries later, the town had adquired an eerie atmosphere due to many decades of hauntings and another Ghost Hunter team was formed, among them was Vaughn's great-great-great-great granddaughter Parker L. Jackson, who continued Vaughn's work by capturing every ghost Lady E sends to Newbury in hopes of gathering soul essence for her so that she can come back to the Living Side.

Layout and Description

Newbury is a fishing village that lies in a valley surrounded by a forest of Willow trees. Centuries of hauntings gave the town an eerie atmosphere. The town also has a swamp with Albino Alligators.

Apparently there isn't much to do in Newbury as the only known event is the Harvest Moon Masquerade.



  • Prior to the series, Jack had recently arrived at Newbury while Parker had lived there her entire life.
  • There are Albino Alligators in the swamp and the Mexican Gulf is mentioned, implying this town is in the southern United States.
    • This was confirmed in the first magazine.
    • The alligators caused the death of rock musician Joe Rotten and (presumably) his band, the "Swamp Fatales".
  • Newbury is the place where a rare butterfly known as the "Newbury Emperor" was discovered by Don Janko some time before his death.


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