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Not to be confused with the actual set.
J.B. said to check this place out. Readings are off the charts. She thinks school is the hot spot.”
Parker L. Jackson

Newbury High School, also known as Newbury Prep and Newbury Middle School, is a center of learning located in Newbury. The school is an old three-story brick building and is a popular place of haunting for ghosts, possibly because it might have been Lady Evelina's Mansion. The school serves at least grades 7-12.


Face Your Fears

Jack and Parker enter Newbury High School after getting reports of high level of Ghost activity. The Hunters explore the school, finding and capturing ghosts. Eventually, the hunters find themselves under attack by Mr. Nibs. Luckily, Douglas saves them by escorting them outside where they are met by J.B. in the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000.

Gloom and Doom

Jack is at Newbury High School after a recent Ghost Hunt, but doesn't realize that Parker is now a Gloombie. She chases Jack around the school while he tries to make her laugh in an attempt to degloom her.

When Jack and El Fuego are outside, they are trying to debate options and Jack realizes that she would laugh at cats since she is a cat person. This proves to be true as Parker was able to break free from her possession and return to normal.

Skeleton in the Closet

The Ghosts are at Newbury High School using their soul artifacts in an attempt to free Lady E. from the Hidden Side. Suddenly, the Ghost Hunters show up and a fight ensues between them. All of the Boss Ghosts present, except Mamali and Dr. Drewell, are captured. Unfortunately, the light of the Blood Moon hits the portrait of Lady E. which begins to release her. In an effort to save Newbury, Douglas decides to shield the light from her which causes the portal to close, but for Douglas to enter as well.

When morning comes, the Hunters are about to leave, but Douglas returns as a skeleton. He then warns them that Lady E. will return at some point.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Parker and Jack's parents are called in order to discuss their child's missed assignment. When they arrive, Mr. Clarke reveals himself as a Gloombie and spews Gloom at the adults. Parker and Jack avoid it, but their parents turn into Gloombies. Mamali, who was responsible for the teachers' and the parents' possession, lets them chase their children through the school before taking them to the Hidden Side to get revenge on Jack and Parker.

While Jack is being chased by Bob, Linda and Rose, Parker goes after Mamali. She gets captured, but tricks Mamali into capturing herself. She then throws Jack's phone so he can degloom the gloombies, and everyone returns to normal.

Haunting 101

Vaughn and Jack enter the school to look for Parker, believing that Parker can help them. Jack looks at the school through his phone, and observes that he can see the Living World with his app. They find Parker running up the stairs to J.B., asking if she has seen Jack, and she says that she hasn't. Parker continues down the hallway looking for Jack, but she is stopped by Mr. Clarke and made to go to class. Vaughn and Jack follow her.

In the classroom, Jack tries to haunt Parker to get her attention, but is unsuccessful. When the bell rings, Parker rushes out of class and is about to leave the school when Jack finally gets her attention by yelling at her and appearing in the Living World for a second. Parker then views the school through her app and is able to see Jack and Vaughn.


  • The institution is referred to as "Newbury Middle School" and "Newbury High School" so it's possible that the school serves grades 7-12. Additionally, in the show there are two banners at the entrance that read "Newbury Middle School".
  • In the short Face Your Fears, the haunted form of the school seen on Parker's phone differs from the haunted form of the set, inferring that the set was still going through production when the short was made.
  • According to Vaughn G. Jackson, before the series, the school was a work mill. The mill was also run by children, as confirmed by Vaughn's reaction to it currently being a school.
  • In the first magazine, the school had a cafeteria yet in Haunting 101, Parker ate her lunch on her desk at Mr. Clarke's classroom.
  • The school has a sports team called the Pink Squids and their chant was invented by former cheerleader Diana, who died in the school.
    • Wade is a member of the team.
    • The sport the team plays isn't confirmed, but judging by the jersey worn by Wade, the Pink Squids are a basketball team.
      • This would also explain the basketball court seen outside the school in multiplayer mode in the game.




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