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“Do not undo my work. This world is doomed. You cannot stop its demise.”
Nehmaar Reem, to Parker

Hidden Side: Night of the Harbinger[1] is a 44-minute Halloween Special that premiered on October 31, 2020.[2][3]Jack and Parker were the focus characters, the Maw served as the true main antagonist, Nehmaar Reem served as the former central antagonist, and the Boss Ghosts and the Old Souls were the villainous factions.

Offical Description

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Jack and Parker work to seal a Hidden Side hole when a fire ghost escapes covered in a strange silvery substance and reveals that their world may be doomed.

TV24.CO.UK Description

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Jack and Parker chase a fire ghost to discover a strange silvery substance, a clue that something is amiss in Newbury. Parker comes face to face with the terrifying Harbinger, who ominously tells her that 'this world is doomed', then Jack and Parker find the Harbinger as he summons the world-ending Maw, so the kids decide that it's time to end the Maw once and for all.


In the Mystery Castle, Nehmaar Reem takes his Maw Summoning Gems and teleports to the Newbury Forest.

The Ghost Hunters drive to a Hidden Side hole in the Phantom Fire Truck 3000, only to realize the hole is located in the Harvest Moon Masquerade. They succeed in closing the hole, but the fire ghost Blaze M. Barr escapes. They chase him to the Forest, where they catch him. Parker soon notices a silvery substance left behind by Nehmaar Reem, which J.B. declares she'll need to study.

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  • Douglas was briefly seen without his bandaid when he was distracting the Newbury citizens.





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