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“Do not undo my work. This world is doomed. You cannot stop its demise.”
Nehmaar Reem, to Parker

Hidden Side: Night of the Harbinger[1] is a 44-minute Halloween Special that premiered on October 31, 2020[2][3]. Jack and Parker were the focus characters, Nehmaar Reem served as the former central antagonist, while The Maw served as the true main antagonist. The Boss Ghosts and the Old Souls were the villainous factions.

Offical Description

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Jack and Parker work to seal a Hidden Side hole when a fire ghost escapes covered in a strange silvery substance and reveals that their world may be doomed.

TV24.CO.UK Description

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Jack and Parker chase a fire ghost to discover a strange silvery substance, a clue that something is amiss in Newbury. Parker comes face to face with the terrifying Harbinger, who ominously tells her that 'this world is doomed', then Jack and Parker find the Harbinger as he summons the world-ending Maw, so the kids decide that it's time to end the Maw once and for all.


In the Mystery Castle, Nehmaar Reem prepares some kind of beverage but before he can drink his castle tembles and a violet light iluminates his kitchen. He whispers "No, not again" before he opens a box containing his Maw Summoning Gems and teleports to the Newbury Forest. Once there, he levitates towards the "Welcome to Newbury" sign and a firefly lands on his hand for a moment before it flies off. Nehmaar follows it with his hand until he gets pricked against one of the sign's posts, leaving a silver colored substance on it before he smacks the sign away from him and flies away.

Meanwhile, the Ghost Hunters drive to a Hidden Side hole in the Phantom Fire Truck 3000, accompanied by J.B.'s new assistant "Seymour TeeVee" while Jack checks his latest video, which turns out rather messy due to several problems such as Jack falling off his chair, jumping and falling off his bed, his mother walking in without permission and so on. In the video, Jack tells his subscribers about him and the other Ghost Hunters along with everything they had to face to keep Newbury safe from Lady E and her ghost minions but the video has more dislikes than likesm nobody believes Jack's videos are real and only ask things like what kind of program he uses to animate Spencer while Douglas is appalled to find out everybody thinks he is a puppet. A map appears on Seymour's screen, who seems to have located yet another one of the portals to the Hidden Side that Lady E had opened before being captured. Parker then tells Jack that is better if the people of Newbury don't find out what's going on with their town and that Jack's video is better off being just a cool video and a cover up, with J.B. remarking that if the townsfolk found out how haunted Newbury was there would be mass panic and so they need to hurry and seal every single hole that connects their world to the Hidden Side but Jack voices his concern about what happens after that since he doesn't have enough subscribers to win the Sapphire Play Button. Parker sarcastically reassures him that they will make sure to keep dangerous ghosts around for Jack to film to which Jack, unaware of her sarcasm, thanks her and asks that if they capture ghosts but it's not filmed did they catch ghosts. Seymour's screen starts making a loud beeping noise, meaning that they are close, only to realize the hole is located in a hollow tree in the middle of the Harvest Moon Masquerade.

J.B. tells the team that they need to keep a low profile when sealing the hole due to there being so many people so Jack and Parker disguise themselves as firefighters carrying a hose while trying to convince the bystanders that the possessed tree is just animatronic while Douglas creates a distraction. They succeed in closing the hole, but the fire ghost, Blaze M. Barr, escapes and tries to attack Douglas until Parker sprays Blaze with the hose, which has the same light beams that Jack and Parker use to attack ghost on their phones. They chase him through the neighborhood and into the Forest, where Jack manages to catch him with Parker's help before he films himself saying "You're fired!". Jack is excited over catching yet another ghost while Parker examines the fallen Newbury sign when J.B. arrives in her truck with Spencer and Seymour. Parker and Seymour then notice the silvery substance left behind by Nehmaar Reem, which J.B. declares she'll need to study. Parker feels something is off but when she turns around she sees nothing and shrughs it off, unaware that the team was being watched by Nehmaar, who looks at the observatory and plants the purple gem on the floor.

The next day, the students of Newbury High School congratulate Jack on his newest video as he and Parker walk along the hallway. Jack is ecstatic because he got 10.000 more followers. Suddently the crowd that gathered around Jack parts when Rami, who is famous at school for his ability to play basketball and has a viral channel called Trick Shot Ultimate, and his cliqué arrive. Rami greets Jack, not bothering to look up from his phone, Jack then shows Parker a video from Rami's channel when she asks about it and it shows Rami doing impossibly good shots at basketball. Parker is unimpressed but Jack then starts babbling to Rami about how great Rami's videos are when Rami interrupts him to say that he watched Jack's video last night and that he would like to do a collab with Jack, which he happily accepts until Parker gets a text from J.B. and pulls him aside to tell him that J.B. just found another hole, a bigger one this time, but Jack protests that working with Rami is also huge for him but finally relents and arranges with Rami to do the collab tomorrow before Parker drags Jack away.

That afternoon, the Ghost Hunters are in a submarine, where apparently a hole has opened underwater that seems to get bigger. The team find the hole, located in the centre of what seems to be an abandoned underwater cemetery. They then spot a light coming towards them, which turns out to be Kreatoru, who attacks the submarine, causing it's alarm to go off. The Hunters attempt to capture him but the ghost is too big and fast for them but just before it can destroy the submarine, Parker's great-grea-great-great-grandfather, Vaughn G. Jackson, who apparently escaped to the Living World through the portal, arrives and saves them, much to Parker's delight. Vaughn then enters the submarine and shakes hands with her descendant before Douglas interrupts to tell them to help cover the holes that Kreatoru did on the ship. Once the team comes out of the water, Nehmaar plants the green Maw Summoning Gem on the ground.

The next day, Jack and Parker exit the school once the day is over and Jack immediately runs up to Rami the moment Jack sees him, falling down the stairs in the process but neither Rami nor his entourage notice as they are busy playing with a basketball and their phones respectively. Rami asks if he is ready to collab and Jack excitedly says yes and Rami invites him to accompany them to get Lime Slushies before that, ignoring Jack's attempt at a high five. Before Jack can run after them, Parker calls to him since she just received a text from J.B. calling for a meeting at her lab but Jack asks to be excused from the meeting to go with Rami and Parker says yes before Jack runs off and Parker goes back into the school.

At the laboratory, Vaughn checks out J.B.'s inventions despite her asking him not to touch anything, running out of patience with the curious ghost. Parker then arrives to the lab and J.B. reveals that there are more sides than the Living World and the Hidden Side but that she needs more evidence so she asks Parker to get Jack and see what they can find and to take Vaughn with her after he nearly breaks a flask. At the school yard, Rami and Jack start with the collab as Parker and Vaughn leave the school grounds. Vaughn asks Parker is Jack is coming but Parker cuts him off and says that they don't need him, clearly upset. Jack watches them leave and looks at them sadly before Rami calls out to him.

Parker and Vaughn arrive to the forest were they first found the silver substance, with Vaughn jumping around while telling Parker about all the beasts he fought back when he was still alive such as Vampires, Gargoyles, Werewolves and Demons. Parker then tries to ask her ancestor for advice regarding Ghost Hunting but Vaughn just tells her that to be a Ghost Hunters you have to hunt ghost and that the hunt never ceases but then tells Parker that she is a great Ghost Hunter who has hunt more ghosts than he did at her age but before she can reply he runs up to an empty soda bottle and mistakes it for a clue until Parker corrects him and he resumes jumping and hiding in a bush. Parker voices her concerns over the fact that maybe Jack doesn't want to be a Ghost Hunter anymore, Vaughn tells her that since Jack is not Ghost Hunting with them then Jack is not a Ghost Hunter. Suddently, they spot the purple Maw Summoning Gem and Parker removes it from the ground, alerting Nehmaar. Parker than decides to go home since she is tired and take the gem to J.B. tomorrow while Vaughn runs off to continue Ghost Hunting. As she walks home, Parker tries to text Jack while trying to hide her resentment over him ditching her for Rami, unaware that the lightposts she walks under turn off as she passes by or that Nehmaar is following her but once she notices she gets creeped out as she cannot see who is following her until she looks at a car's side mirror and notices Nehmaar. Parker immediately grabs her phone but the Ghost Hunting app has no effect on him so tries to run away but Nehmaar quickly manages to catch her, takes the gem back and warns her to not undo his work since her world was doomed and that she cannot stop it's demise before he places her gently on the ground and teleports himself away.


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  • Douglas was briefly seen without his bandaid when he was distracting the Newbury citizens.





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