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You may have gotten my friends, but we'll get yours!”
Rat Shaun

Oh, Rats! is the fourth episode of the second season and fourteenth overall of LEGO Hidden Side. It was released on February 27, 2020.

Official Description

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A shocking betrayal that you just won’t see coming! Jack and Parker are on a mission through the abandoned subway and sewers under Newbury. Their goal? To break their ghost-hunting tie. They’ve caught twelve ghosts each, but number thirteen will prove to be really unlucky...


Jack, Parker, and Douglas entered the Newbury Subway system searching for paranormal activity. Parker and Jack realized they had tied their amount of ghost captured this week, so they agreed whoever catches the ghost in the Subway is Newbury's top Ghost Hunter.

They detected a ghost, so they jumped onto the tracks and were shocked to see a train's headlights coming towards them, which turned out to be Rat Shaun's pet rat and flashlight. Rat Shaun runs through the subway tunnels as Parker and Jack follow. However, Douglas' leg bone got stuck in the tracks, delaying him.

At an intersection, the rats pretended to go down the left tunnel, and Jack went in that direction. After he had gone through, however, the rats turned and went down the right tunnel. Parker, who had just arrived, followed the rats. She found Rat Shaun with many rats covering him. She managed to catch some rats with the ghost hunting app, but not Rat Shaun. This action angered the other rats on Rat Shaun, which he commanded to swarm around her. She ended up scaring them away by pulling up a cat video on her phone. With the rats separated from Rat Shaun, Parker was able to catch him.

Meanwhile, in the left tunnel, Jack used his skateboard to grind on the rails and he came to a subway car with Paranormal Energy coming from it. He prepared to fight the ghost and was shocked to see Dr. Drewell appear out of the subway car. He claimed that he had a job to do for Lady E., so he threw a concentration of gloom which created a portal in the abandoned Subway car to the Hidden Side. Jack tried to escape, but the portal sucked him in. Dr. Drewell walked through the portal right before it closed, welcoming Jack to the Hidden Side.


Locations Featured


  • Boss Ghost(s): Rat Shaun and Dr. Drewell
  • This marks the first episode to end on a cliffhanger since "Skeleton in the Closet".
    • Ironically, this also marks Dr. Drewell's first appearance since "Skeleton in the Closet".
    • This episode also begins an arc that continues until The Lighthouse, Part 2.
  • This is the sixth episode where Spencer doesn't make an appearance.
    • This is also the third consecutive episode that he doesn't appear in.
  • This is the second episode where J.B. is only seen through a video call. The first was "Gloom and Doom".
  • Parker manages to scare the rats away with the same cat video Jack showed her in "Gloom and Doom".
  • Jack is sent to the Hidden Side at the end of the episode.
    • This makes him the second main character to enter the Hidden Side, the first was Douglas.



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