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Not to be confused with the actual set.
“Sweet Sally has always been there for me. This time, I have to be there for her.”
— J.B.

The Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000, also known as Sweet Sally, was a vehicle formerly owned by J.B. and was used by the Ghost Hunters. It was destroyed when J.B. used it to stop Lady Evelina.


Face Your Fears

As Parker and Jack were escaping Newbury High School, they were escorted by Douglas and are able to head outside where they are met by the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. When they headed inside, they were greeted by J.B., who heads over to use the main cannons while Douglas gets in the driver's seat.

Vlog Hog

When Jack is introducing the team, J.B. is fixing the bus. As soon as Parker, Jack, and Douglas are back from their failed Ghost hunting trip, she immediately drives off.

Sink or Swim

After getting reports that Jonas Jr. is under attack by a Gloombie, the Ghost Hunters drive to Newbury Ports to investigate the scene.

When Parker, Jack, Captain Jonas, and Jonas Jr. enter the bus, they quickly drive off, but Archibald's pet, Squiddy, gets its arm caught inside the vehicle, which gets chopped off when the door closes. Upon further investigation, a Cutlass can be seen and J.B. realizes the sword belongs to Archibald, and is a Soul Artifact.

Potty Mouth

J.B. is driving Sweet Sally as fast as she can in order to find somewhere for Jack to vomit. When Jack spots a Portable Toilet, they stop at the Construction Sites.

When Jack is running away from the Gloombies, the Portable Toilet topples Sweet Sally, forcing J.B. to defend her bus. She goes out and is able to defeat Spewer. Parker and Jack come out to congratulate her, but she immediately heads over to check if Sweet Sally is okay.

Life in the Ghost Lane

Parker, Jack, and J.B. are inside Sweet Sally while Douglas is ahead in his Stunt Truck to prevent Dwayne and Joey from escaping. Unfortunately, when Parker and Jack shoot at the Gloombies, they release Samuel Mason who destroys the bridge preventing Sweet Sally from moving any further.

Doom Buggy

Parker, Jack, and J.B. get off the bus near the Shrimp Shack to discuss the job they would be doing.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

J.B. drives the bus to the Fatal Reef Lighthouse, in order to stop Lady E.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

When the Jack and Parker fail to stop Lady E., J.B. says that the only way to stop her is to get the bus to explode on her. She tells the Ghost Hunters to press all the buttons they can, and then she drives toward Lady Evelina. As they get closer, they jump out of the bus, and it explodes below the Lighthouse, and Lady E. falls from Lighthouse, getting caught by J.B..


  • J.B. is seen having a lot of affection towards Sweet Sally.
  • J.B. only puts Premium Gas in Sweet Sally.
  • The front of the bus is different in the show than the actual set, due to the placement of the headlights being more symmetrical.


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