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“Hate to break it to you, but I'm a way better Ghost Hunter.”
— Parker to Jack

Parker L. Jackson is the 13 year old daughter of Bob and Linda Jackson and a student at Newbury High School, as well as a member of the Ghost Hunters.

Official Description

Meet Parker L. Jackson (13) 2019

"Parker has lived in Newbury with her parents all her life. She is a bit of an outsider, hard to impress and likes to keep to herself. She’s focused, to the point and very smart. Parker has always suspected something was off about Newbury, and when she starts receiving messages from the mysterious J.B., her suspicions are confirmed. Why is Newbury being gloomed? And how? Parker is determined to find the answers."

On The Lookout

"The gang’s past adventures have made one thing very clear: ghost-hunting is in Parker’s blood. She’d rather be hunting ghosts than doing just about anything else. Speaking of, what are you doing still reading this? Let’s go catch some ghosts!"

Heroes of Hidden Side

"Parker L. Jackson has got a lot going on. She’s super into ghost hunting, for one thing. Sneaking out in the middle of the night to go on a wild ghost chase sure beats any other sport! On top of that, she’s just met her great-great-great-great-grandfather Vaughn G. Jackson, a legendary ghost-hunter who’s… also a ghost!? And on top of THAT, it feels her best friend Jack is getting distracted by his new bud, Rami the vlogging star. Like we said, that’s a lot to take in. Gaah!"

Meet Parker L. Jackson (13) 2020

"Meet THE best ghost-hunter in Newbury, at least in this century. Parker is a fearless light orb sharp-shooter, proud cat person, and still Jack’s bestie, of course. Nothing could ever change that, could it? Her mad ghost-hunting skills run in the family: her great-great-great-great grandpa was the legendary Vaughn Geist Jackson who – well, just wait till you hear more about him. Oh, right, and she goes to school, too, by the way. But only because she absolutely HAS to. (Yaaaawwn.)"

Ghost Hunter of the century

Our fearless light orb sharp-shooter/proud cat person is still Jack’s bestie, of course. Nothing could ever change that, could it? PS: Newsflash! Her mad ghost-hunting skills run in the family: her great-great-great-great grandpa was the legendary Vaughn Geist Jackson who – well, just wait till you hear more about him!


Parker was born and raised in Newbury. She lives with her parents Bob and Linda Jackson, who are always busy working and don't pay too much attention to her. She used to attend the Harvest Moon Masquerade as a young child but now thinks that the event is "pretty lame". Parker considers Newbury to be boring yet she always suspected something was off about the town, and when she started receiving messages from her science teacher, J.B. Watt, her suspicions are confirmed.

Parker was the first Ghost Hunter who J.B. recruited and the two captured ghosts together until Parker found Jack Davids's blog and sent him several videos of Newbury's paranormal activity. About two weeks later, Jack recorded Parker chasing a ghost with his phone the day he and his mother moved to Newbury, and called her a "weirdo." Parker was finally able to meet Jack during lunch break at Newbury High School, she gave him a quick tour around the school, introduced him to the janitor, Douglas Elton, and finally took him to J.B.'s laboratory, where they offered Jack to join them and become a Ghost Hunter as well, which he quickly accepted and the school janitor, Douglas Elton joined the team soon after.

Face Your Fears

Parker and Jack are sent to Newbury High School after getting reports of high levels of Ghost activity. When they enter, the spot Douglas who is possessed by a Ghost, so they shoot him down and destroy the Ghost.

Soon, Jack takes off exploring after running away from Grandpa Sam. While Parker is looking around, she hears Jack scream and realizes he's in trouble. She finds Jack possessed by a Ghost, but Spencer jumps through a window to save Jack.

After getting a notification by J.B. they try to exit but are surrounded by Ghosts. They use the elevator to escape, but the elevator malfunctions, sending the Hunters tumbling down.

Eventually, they find Mr. Nibs, who appears out of the stuffed Teddy Bear. He attacks the Hunters; however, they are able to escape with the help of Douglas. They head outside where they are greeted by J.B. in the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. J.B. prepares to blast Mr. Nibs down with Jack and Parker joining in.

Season 1

Vlog Hog

Parker, Jack, Douglas, and Spencer enter Newbury Graveyard to hunt some Ghosts. While they are exploring, Jack is busy live streaming for BOO-Tube, and Parker tells him to cut it out.

Eventually, Jack is captured by Mamali, but Parker and Douglas save him. She tries to get Jack to help him, but Jack's phone battery is dead. When they lock up Mamali, they retreat to the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 where Jack somehow steals her phone to continue the live stream.

Sink or Swim

While Jack is rapping about how great of a Ghost Hunters he is, Parker stops him and tells him that she's the better Ghost Hunter. They take a vote and everyone agrees that Parker is the best.

Parker goes out to investigate the ocean but is captured by Captain Archibald. She tries to escape, but cannot swim. However, Jack saves her from drowning. When they reach the surface, the Hunters are immediately attacked by the Shrimp Boat, so they swim to the docks. While they are running away, they shoot at the oncoming boat and free Captain Jonas and Jonas Jr. from their possessions.

All four of them make it inside the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Later, Parker thanks Jack for saving her as they both make amends for their previous troubles.

Don't Choke Now

Parker and Jack are debating are walking down the beach and debating whether cats or dogs are better. Jack shows why dogs are better by calling Spencer's name without bacon. He reappears and runs away from Jack after smelling bacon.

The Hunters head to Shrimp Shack where Spencer entered. Parker notices that it's abandoned and shouldn't enter, but Jack pulls on the wood and they are able to enter the restaurant.

While Jack is searching for Spencer, Parker finds an image of Anomalo and Lady E. When she looks at it closer, Lady E changes faces which shocks her. She suggests that they should get J.B. after seeing an eerie photo, but Jack doesn't want to give up. All of a sudden, the Hunters encounter Anomalo who holds Spencer hostage. He challenges them to a bacon eating contest which they are forced to accept or else they would be killed.

Anomalo takes an early lead in the contest due to him having a plethora of arms. Parker and Jack struggle to keep up, but Jack hears Spencer's wince and offers him a piece of bacon. He realizes that he can feed Spencer, who is underneath the table, bacon without Anomalo noticing. Parker follows his suit, and before Anomalo could finish, Parker and Jack finished first.

However, Anomalo refused to let them leave and instead attacks the Hunters. Parker ends up getting surrounded by Anomalo's knives, but Jack calls for Spencer, who is still being held by Anomalo. Spencer bites Anomalo giving Parker a chance to capture Anomalo onto her phone.

Bat Crazy

Parker and Jack are at Newbury Railroad Station to pick up an important package for J.B. Both discuss what the package might be and Parker thinks it's a plutonium laser beam. They then place a bet with the loser having to do the others homework.

When the train arrives, he argues with Parker on what they package is. All of a sudden, The Bawa appears out of nowhere and possesses the train. The Hunters, still on the train, are taken up as well. While up in the air, they fight Ghosts before The Bawa lets go of the train and repossess it.

Parker catches sight of El Fuego's Stunt Truck and is able to land the package safely. They arrive back at J.B.'s Ghost Lab where they realize the package is only a coffee machine. Since they both lost the bet, they suggested doing each other's homework, but J.B. tells them that the machine also does their homework.

Potty Mouth

While on the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000, she tells J.B. to speed up because Jack is about to puke. She criticizes the decision of Jack to drink one-hundred Lime Slushies.

When Jack is running onto Sweet Sally, Parker catches sight of the Portable Toilet Ghost attacking them and causing the bus to tumble. However, J.B. is able to save them by destroying Spewer. Parker and Jack come out to congratulate her, but she immediately heads over to Sweet Sally and promises to fix her up.

Gloom and Doom

At school, Jack watches a video of their most recent Ghost Hunt with Parker, completely oblivious that Parker has been gloomed since the night before due to a ghost hitting her with gloom even when she tries to eat Jack's hand. It takes a call from J.B. to make Jack realize that his friend has been gloomed and J.B. tells him that since Parker has been gloomed for twelve hours, the only way to get Parker back is by making her remember who she is by making her laugh. Jack, Douglas, and Spencer try many things to make Parker laugh but to no avail. However, Jack remembers how much Parker loves cats and that she considers them to be funny. So he plays a cat video on his phone for her, which gets Parker to laugh and back to normal.

Life in the Ghost Lane

While chasing the gloomed Dwayne and Joey, Parker was reminding Douglas to focus. However, Samuel Mason emerged and shooted the highway, leaving the Ghost Hunters (except Douglas and Spencer) behind.

Later, after Jack captured Mason, Parker and Jack criticized Douglas's outdated phone until Parker said that the phone was almost as old as J.B., causing her to glare at Parker while Douglas and Jack laughed and Parker questions them on what she said.

Good Chemistry

While inside J.B.'s Lab, Parker asks if she can use the Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam, but she wouldn't let her. It isn't until they are under attack by Dr. Drewell that J.B. allows her to use it, but the mad scientist possess the weapon.

When J.B. and Dr. Drewell start flirting, Parker and Jack show, Parker and Jack become disgusted by it until Dr. Drewell tells them about Lady E and her plans to rule both the Hidden Side and Human World before he goes back to the Hidden Side, much to Parker, Jack and J.B.'s horror.

Skeleton in the Closet

Parker and the rest of the Ghost Hunters storm Newbury High School. She is able to capture Captain Archibald before assisting Jack in capturing Mr. Nibs. However, they are too late as Lady E. is released from her portrait. In an effort to save Newbury, Douglas shields Lady E. from the light of the Blood Moon and forces her back into the Hidden Side, but Douglas also enters the unknown realm.

When morning breaks, the Hunters are about to leave until Douglas returns as a skeleton. He warns them that Lady E. will return at some point.

Parents Just Don't Understand

Jack and Parker's parents are called to Newbury High School by Mr. Clarke to discuss their missed assignment. When Jack wishes they could tell their parents about them being Ghost Hunters, Parker shuts down the idea since the adults wouldn't handle that information before walking ahead to catch up with her parents, who are too busy with their phones to pay attention to anything revolving around them.

When they arrive in Mr. Clarke's classroom, they find out that the teacher had turned into a Gloombie and spews Gloom on the group. Parker and Jack manage to avoid it, but their parents are possessed and Nanny Mamali reveals herself and tells the Ghost Hunters that she is taking their parents to the Hidden Side as revenge for stopping Lady E's escape.

Parker and Jack chase after her but Mamali takes Parker's phone and captures her while taunting her about how their gloombied parents now want to eat her. However, Parker gets the upper hand by using Jack's phone to capture herself. She then throws Jack's phone at him, who is cornered by their parents to free them from their possession. When the parents go back to normal Parker and Jack lie about them getting detention for the missed assignment for several nights (in order to have more time to go Ghost Hunting) and the parents agree with the "punishment".

Season 2

Carnival of Doom

Parker, Jack and Douglas decide to investigate the old Newbury Fairground to search for ghosts. While Douglas tries the High Striker, Parker and Jack continue to explore and search inside the House of Mirrors. Suddenly, the lights begin to flash and Parker is left alone. She chases after Jack, but runs into the mirror. "Jack" turns out to be an evil reflection of Jack who drags Parker into the mirror. Concurrently, the real Jack is chasing after Parker, but it turns out to be an evil reflection of Parker he was chasing after. When Jack stops, he falls into a boobytrap.

When Parker and Jack wake up, they are tied on a roller coaster by Tragico. He stops the vehicle and attempts to gloom them by throwing pie at them. Parker tells him to let her and Jack go and Tragico activates the roller coaster so the car starts moving towards the end of the broken track to kill them and the teens to call out to Douglas for help, who is still busy with the High Striker.

Fortunately, Spencer saw the whole thing and immediately alerted Douglas, who promptly rescued Parker and Jack. A soon as everybody was back on the ground Douglas, who had fun riding the roller coaster and falling from it, got in the roller coaster again while Parker and Jack patiently waited for him to tire out so they could catch Tragico.

Flying Lessons

While Douglas is flying his Stunt Plane, Parker begins to feel uncomfortable and confess that she has acrophobia. However, Harry Cane appears and knocks Douglas out of the plane. Parker then decides to be brave and operates the plane and eventually, she and Jack capture Harry Cane.

Doom Buggy

Parker and Jack complain about what looks like work assigned by J.B. but she tells them to test drive the Doom Buggy. Parker is attract to the Ghost Cannon attached, but J.B. refuses them to use it.

While Parker and Jack are test driving, then run into Trucker Dale who also wants the cannon. He chases after it, and Parker believes they must use the cannon, but Jack decides to bold by purposing diving into the ocean. Trucker Dale thinks he can just shoot the Hunters, but the Buggy explodes and gets destroyed.

Oh, Rats!

Parker and Jack both have a competition on who can catch their thirteenth Ghost. Both chase after Rat Shaun, but go in opposite directions due to being diverted. Parker ends up being surrounded by Rat Shaun's rats, but Parker shows a video of a cat and the rats run away. She then is able to capture Rat Shaun although she wonders where Jack is.

Grave Situation

Parker can be seen in a picture in Jack's phone. Looking at the group photo gives Jack enough courage to stand up against Lady E.

Haunting 101

Parker runs up to J.B. and asks her if she has seen Jack but she says no. Parker rushes through the hallway until Mr. Clarke stops her and orders her to go to class. Parker tries to explain that she can't but Mr. Clarke refuses to listen so Parker has to stop her search for Jack until class is over. Jack than attempts to get Parker's attention by haunting her but fails since Parker doesn't get scared easily. When her class ends Parker tries to leave the school until Jack yells her name, finally getting her attention. Parker draws her phone and sees Jack through the Ghost Hunting app along with her great-great-great-grandfather, Vaughn G. Jackson.

The Great Escape

Parker and the rest of the Ghost Hunters meet at a tree that they can use to bring Jack back from the Hidden Side. Parker helps open a portal by hitting the tree with an orb from her phone at the same time as Jack does. Once the portal is open, Parker greets Vaughn and Jack, but before they can go through, Lady E. and Axel Chops arrive. When Jack hurries through the portal, Vaughn tells the Ghost Hunters to close the portal, to stop Lady E. from getting into the Living World, and they comply.

Before the portal can close completely, Lady E. manages to squeeze through it, entering the Living World anyway. Parker listens as she tells them how she plans to take over Newbury, and follows her to the Lighthouse. Before she does, however, she turns back to the tree and vows to finish what Vaughn started.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Parker and Jack ride toward the lighthouse in jet skis while communicating with J.B., who is in her bus, and Douglas, who is in his plane. But before they can reach the Lighthouse, Lady E. releases Joe Ishmael, who attacks Parker and Jack with his spyglass. They shoot at him with their phones, but it has little effect.

They call J.B., who tells them to stop them by getting to his eye. This causes Douglas to ride his plane over to Joe Ishmael and knock the spyglass out of his grip, weakening him. Jack and Parker shoot at him again, and Jack captures him. They high-five, but J.B. tells them not to celebrate, since Lady E. had opened portals all over Newbury.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

Parker and Jack get off of their jet skis at the dock, and run up to the lighthouse. When they reach the top, they start shooting orbs from their phones at Lady E., but this only causes her light to go out. Unable to see their target, Jack and Parker try to shoot her based on where her voice is coming from, but are unsuccessful. Parker tells Jack to shoot while she scans the area with her phone, but she doesn't pick up anything.

Lady E. surprises them by appearing right in front of them. Before they start shooting at her again, she uses her power to knock them off the lighthouse. Douglas, driving beneath them, tries to stop their fall, but they unbalance the plane, and it crashes. J.B. and Spencer arrive in Sweet Sally, and unboard to see if they're okay. When they are, J.B. tells them that the only way to stop Lady E. is to cause her bus to explode.

Parker, Jack, and J.B. get on Sweet Sally. J.B. drives the bus, while Jack and Parker press all the buttons they can, to trigger an explosion. Then, the go to the front of the bus, and shoot Ghosts getting in the way. As the bus gets closer to the lighthouse, Parker and Jack grab their skateboards and jump out. J.B. follows.

Sweet Sally becomes an explosion of Ghost-trapping energy, greatly weakening Lady E. J.B. uses her phone to capture her, and Parker and Jack congratulate her. J.B., however, misses Sweet Sally. A few moments later, firefighters arrive in their firetruck. When J.B. sees it, she declares that it will be the next Sweet Sally, and runs up to it.

Jack, and Parker talk about what it will be like without fighting Lady E. and her Ghosts, until Douglas reminds them that Ghosts are still coming out of the portals Lady E. opened up. Enthusiastically, Jack and Parker shoot at the Ghosts.


Parker has wavy, medium length purple hair done in two messy braids. Several freckles dot her cheeks.

She wears a silver three layer necklace with a letter "P" on the third chain, a yellow beanie, a black shirt with long, light blue sleeves, a maroon pouch slung over her left shoulder and ripped blue jeans. Starting from "Haunting 101", she wears a light blue denim jacket with patches and no pouch, her hair loose and teal colored headphones on top of her head.

Her minifigure remains the same except for the three additional freckles between her eyes and her necklace has two chains instead of three.


Parker is not a social person and likes to keep to herself. She also finds it difficult to trust others outside of her circle of friends and has trouble admitting her own mistakes. She doesn't get scared easily and it is implied that she rarely laughs. However, Parker is a good person who cares about and looks out for her friends.



LEGO Hidden Side


Season 1

Season 2

Night of the Harbinger


  • According to the LEGO.com website, Parker is thirteen years old.
  • In "Sink or Swim," it is revealed that Parker cannot swim.
  • Parker appears to be left-handed.
  • Like J.B., Parker's middle name hasn't been revealed, even her ancestor Vaughn G. Jackson refers to her as "Parker L. Jackson".
  • Parker is absent in seven Hidden Side sets, which are 70418 J.B.'s Ghost Lab70421 El Fuego's Stunt Truck, 70427 Welcome to the Hidden Side, 70429 El Fuego's Stunt Plane, 70434 Supernatural Race Car, 70435 Newbury Abandoned Prison, and 40408 Drag Racer.
  • In many episodes of LEGO Hidden Side, she remarked that she is a cat person and thinks that they are better than dogs. She also has a sticker of a cat on her skateboard in the Newbury Subway set.
  • In "Gloom and Doom," It is revealed that the one of the few things that will make Parker laugh are cat videos.
    • Jack also stated that he never saw Parker laugh, although this isn't true since she did laugh at the end of "Sink or Swim" and "Bat Crazy."
  • Parker is the third Ghost Hunter to get gloomed.
  • Parker and Vaughn G. Jackson are the only known Ghost Hunters to be related to another Hunter.
  • In the show her phone is black, yet her minifigure has a pink phone.
  • In the Newbury Subway she has purple skateboard with a sticker of a cat and the words "Boo 2 Ghosts" but in the series Parker and Jack both have identical red and white skateboards.
  • Parker shares the same last name with three ghosts: Ben Jackson, Vaughn G. Jackson, and Zeb Jackson.
    • Vaughn G. Jackson is known to be related to her, but it is currently unknown as to whether or not the other two are.
  • In "Flying Lessons", it is revealed that she has acrophobia, but was able to conquer it by bravely getting into the pilot seat when Douglas was knocked off.
  • Parker loves J.B.'s inventions, especially the cannons like the Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam, which she always wants to try regardless of J.B.'s orders.


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