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“Hey! I'm walking here.”
— Rat Shaun

Rat Shaun was a former train conductor, subway guard, and bank robber. He perished in the sewers and was later hired by Lady E to capture Jack.


Oh, Rats!

While Jack and Parker were trying to break their ghost hunting tie, Rat Shaun appeared and tricked them to go through separate tunnels. He got the rats to surround Parker but she showed a cat video and the rats all ran away. Rat Shaun then gets captured by Parker.


Rat Shaun is wearing a tattered yellow sports jacket over a white button down shirt, a black bowtie, and an orange vest. However, in the show, his vest is blue. He is also wearing a black conductor's hat with a yellow tag connected to an orange stripe. He is holding a flashlight in his left hand and his rat's tail in his right. A mountain of smaller, brown rats is formed on his back, along with groups of two-three rats encircling his torso this sugest that he got eaten by rats.


Site Bio

Imagine rats. Lots and lots of rats, trained by a twisted ghost to attack and fight. That’s what you get when you cross paths with Rat Shaun, a former bank robber who escaped into the Newbury sewers as he ran away from the cops, got lost in there, and... never came back to the surface again. Now he haunts the abandoned Newbury subway tunnels. Next stop: Rat Station. We’re not getting off there, no way.

App Bio

Failed conductor and bank robber. Now Shaun is haunting Newbury Subway with his creepy mates.


  • You'll have to catch me first.
  • You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.
  • Time to pay the piper, little girl!
  • Rattack!
  • Hey, no! My babies! Come back!
  • You may have gotten my friends, but we'll get yours!


Rat King (App)

Rat Shaun can make his rats create a decoy.


Rat Shaun, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Rat Shaun, like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 2


  • He is a member of the Wild Ghosts.
  • He is the first ghost to have an electrical object as a Soul Artifact (A Walkie Talkie.)
  • Despite working for her, he is one of the seven boss ghosts from seasons one and two who have no indicated connections to Lady E. the others are The Bawa, Samuel Mason, Spewer, Tragico, Harry Cane, and Joe Ishmael.
  • His name could be a pun on the word "Ration."
    • It could also be a pun on "Rat Station."
  • He’s the second wild Boss Ghost whose former occupation is a train conductor. The first is The Bawa, whose former occupation was a train conductor. However, he is the second ghost to be associated with trains, the third being Mr. Tucker.
    • He is also the second Boss Ghost to be connected to animals. The first is Captain Archibald, who's connected to his pet squid, "Squiddy." And the third is Kreatoru, who wears a scuba diver suit which covered in angler fish.
  • His body figure in the show is different in the app.
    • His outfit is also different in the show, with his wearing of a blue vest rather than an orange vest.
  • Rat Shaun was the only legendary ranked ghost known to hang out in Newbury Subway until the easter update, which introduced Daisy.
  • He is the sixth Ghost to be fused with an object.


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