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It's a Soul Artifact. This was a ghost's most treasured belonging. It's loaded with Gloom.”

Soul Artifacts are objects in LEGO Hidden Side that are connected to the Boss Ghosts.

Soul Artifacts, if held by a Human, will free their ghost who will also turn the human in question into a Gloombie.

They can summon the Ghost it belongs to. They are found by the player in the App, if the player finds a Soul Artifact in a level, they then will have a chance to challenge the Boss Ghost in that set.

List of Soul Artifacts


Vehicles, Items, and Food


Ghost Hunters' Vehicles: Doom Buggy · Stunt Plane · Stunt Truck · Phantom Fire Truck 3000 · J.B.'s Submarine · Sweet Sally
Dwayne and Joey's motorcycles · Supernatural Race Car · Train


Soul Artifact: Axe · Cutlass · Erlenmeyer Flask · Lantern · Master Key · Meat Cleaver · Monkey Wrench · Oil Can · Pickaxe · Radio Set · Sextant · Six-Shooter · Teddy Bear
Weapons: Crossbow · Negaton Pulse Conversion Beam
Ghost Hunter App · Portable Toilet


Bacon · Lime Slushies

Soul Artifact: Hot Dog