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“And Spencer. He is a ghost and a dog!”

Spencer (also known as Spence by Jack) is a Ghost dog back in Boston who was once the pet of Jack Davids before dying in a traffic incident. However, he came back to Jack as a Ghost thanks to the ghostly forces in Newbury.

Official Description

Say Arf-arf to Spencer

"Oh, did you think ghosts could only be human? Not necessarily. Spencer was Jack’s best friend in the whole wide world. He still is, even though… look, it’s complicated. Shortly before his move to Newbury, Jack lost Spencer in a tragic traffic accident. But now, thanks to the haunting of Newbury, Spencer is back as a (mostly) invisible ghost dog. He’s still as lively as any puppy in ghost form can be, fiercely loyal to Jack, but also easily distracted. Especially by bacon."


"Still adorable, still mostly invisible and still obsessed with bacon. That’s pretty much the story with Spencer. And you know what? Everyone’s OK with that – we like him just the way he is. Did someone say bacon?"

Heroes of Hidden Side

Got any bacon? If so, Spencer the ghost dog would love to hang out with you. He comes and goes between Newbury and the Hidden Side, but all it takes is the promise of bacon for Spencer to run to Jack’s side. Spencer’s habit of chasing his own tail helps spark a brilliant ghost-hunting plan into motion. Good dog, Spencer! That’s gotta be worth a lot of bacon.

Meet Spencer

"Will or won’t Jack ever get around to training his adorable, tail-chasing, bacon-loving little phantom pooch? Only time will tell. But so what if Spencer is a little all over the place sometimes? And Spencer is still a deceased, beloved and very spirited member of the ghost-hunting gang. He’s got a real nose for this kind of thing."


Spencer was Jack Davids' pet back in Boston, Massachusetts. Spencer always accompanied Jack when he went skateboarding and recorded videos for his vlog. While Spencer liked to chase cars, sometimes Spencer helped Jack with his videos, such as trying out Jack's ideas, like mixing jam with a jalapeno. Spencer lived a happy life and was loved and cared for by Jack, who had a lot of pictures of Spencer in his bedroom's bulletin board. When Jack's mother announced that the family was moving to Newbury, Jack was very upset, which made Spencer sad as well. Sadly, Spencer died a week before the family moved when he was run over by a car.

However, after Spencer died, he became a ghost and kept following Jack around after he moved to Newbury, while Jack remained unaware of this until J.B. installed the Ghost Hunter App on his phone, which allowed him to see Spencer. Jack was overjoyed to have Spencer again and they joined the Ghost Hunters together.

Face Your Fears

When Jack is possessed by a Ghost, Spencer jumps from the window to save his former owner. After J.B. gets report that they should leave Newbury High School, the Ghost Hunters try to exit, but they realize they are surrounded by Ghosts, and Spencer attacks one of them.

At last, Douglas is able to lead them out where they meet J.B. in the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000. Spencer is also able to board with the stuffed teddy bear Jack and Parker had previously encountered, which was in fact a Soul Artifact disguised as Lady E's toy.

Season 1

Vlog Hog

While Jack is introducing the Ghost Hunters, he uses bacon to lure in his pet. Soon, Spencer enters the Graveyard along with Parker, Jack, and Douglas.

When Jack is captured by Mamali, a piece of bacon flies out of Jack's pocket, which attracts Spencer. He picks up the bacon before running away.

Sink or Swim

While Parker and Jack are arguing about who's the best Ghost Hunter, they take a poll from the rest of the team. Everyone, including Spencer, unanimously agree that Parker is the best Ghost Hunter.

Spencer comes along with Parker and Jack to investigate the docks. While Jack is saving Parker from drowning, Spencer is swimming along the surface.

When the Shrimp Boat charges for them, they immediately swim out of the way and head to the docks. It is there where Spencer runs for the Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000.

Don't Choke Now

When Jack calls for Spencer's name, he reappears without needing bacon. He then smells bacon and runs away from the Hunters and into Shrimp Shack.

While the Hunters were inside, Anomalo confronts the Ghost Hunters and holds Spencer hostage. He challenges them to a bacon eating contest or else they would be killed. Despite Anomalo having a plethora of arms, the Hunters still win by feeding Spencer, who is underneath the table.

Instead of letting them go, Anomalo attacks the Hunters with knives. He then uses Spencer as a shield to surrounded Parker, but Jack calls for Spencer. The pet bites Anomalo, giving Parker a chance to capture Anomalo.

Potty Mouth

Spencer briefly appears when he tries to comfort Jack when his owner was about to vomit.

Gloom and Doom

In an effort to make Parker laugh after she got gloomed for more than twelve hours, Spencer wore a frog hat and licked Parker's face, but this only made her scare him away and continue to chase Jack.

Life in the Ghost Lane

While Douglas was in the Stunt Truck chasing Dwayne and Joey, Spencer was in front seat with him with his head out, enjoying himself. He stays with Douglas when they ditch the rest of the Ghost Hunters despite Spencer's dislike of the plan. While Douglas was fighting Samuel Mason, Spencer stood back until Parker and Jack came to help.

Skeleton in the Closet

Spencer tries to help the Ghost Hunters by chasing around the Boss Ghosts. Mr. Nibs threatens Spencer for stealing Lady E's Teddy Bear and her favorite toy but Parker and Jack tell him that the bear in now Spencer's toy and that he "slobbered all over it". When Douglas sacrifices himself to keep Lady E from being revived Spencer is visibly sad and J.B. comforts him.

Season 2

Carnival of Doom

Spencer joins Parker, Jack, and Douglas when they explore Happy World. He enters the House of Mirrors along with Parker and Jack, but both get captured. Spencer then alerts Douglas, who is playing with the High Striker to help the two.

The Great Escape

Spencer is with the Ghost Hunters as they open the portal to the Hidden Side, and comes with the rest of them as they follow Lady E. to the Lighthouse.

The Lighthouse, Part 1

Spencer is on the bus with J.B. as she drives toward the Lighthouse to stop Lady E.

The Lighthouse, Part 2

When the stunt plane crashes and Douglas, Parker, and Jack hit the ground, Spencer and J.B. come out of Sweet Sally to see if they're okay. A little while later, when J.B., Jack, and Parker board the bus to use it as a weapon against Lady E., Spencer stays behind with Douglas, who has his bones scattered all over the ground.

Night of the Harbinger

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  • He is a member of the Sad Ghosts.
  • He was the first Ghost member of the main cast. The second ghost member is Douglas Elton and the third ghost member is Vaughn G. Jackson.
  • He was the only Ghost to exist in the sets before being accompanied by Axel Chops, Scrimper, and Waylon with the release of Wave 2, and Vaughn G. Jackson with the release of Wave 3.
  • In the comics, the Ghost Hunters can only see Spencer with the Ghost Hunting App, but in the series they don't need it to see Spencer, although he can make himself invisible to everyone at will.
  • In "Face Your Fears," Spencer has a more blueish color and his mouth is visible unlike the set.
  • His favorite food is bacon, and will make himself visible to get it.
  • Apparently he can talk since he was able to say "Parker" in "Sink or Swim."
  • Spencer is the only one who has ever won a bacon eating contest against Anomalo in over 130 years.
  • Spencer is the first Ghost to side with the Ghost Hunters. The second one being Dr. Drewell, the third being Douglas Elton and the fourth one being Vaughn G. Jackson.
  • Spencer kept Lady E's Teddy Bear, which is also Mr. Nibs' Soul Artifact, as revealed in "Skeleton in the Closet."
  • He appears in all the hunter games, and if you scan him, he will give you gloom.
  • He likes to try and eat his own tail as seen in "Night of the Harbinger".


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