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“This stall is occupied!”
— Spewer

Spewer was a ghostly entity made up of all kinds of trashed items whose only goal was to spread his gloom to as many items as possible.

Official Description

Site Bio

This ghost is pure trash… literally. Anything worn, destroyed, ruined, smashed, smelly, rusty, moldy… this guy is it. Getting rid of him won’t be pretty. Spewer wants to haunt as many physical objects as possible and spread his bile around everywhere. Oh, and he only speaks in burps and belches… Yikes.

App Bio

He is pure garbage. literally. If there is something stinky in your neighborhood, it's likely Spewer.


Potty Mouth

After Jack vomits in the Portable Toilet, Spewer is created and begins attacking Jack. He then creates a Gloombie out of the Portable Toilet and attacks the Ghost Hunters. Despite this, J.B. is able to defeat him using her crossbow.


Recall (App)

Spewer can leave a piece of himself on the ground that enables him to quickly teleport back to where he left it.


Spewer, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Spewer, like all Ghosts, can possess Humans and turn them into Gloombies.


Spewer comes in the form of a giant, blue, humanoid-looking mass of slime with trashed objects covering his body.

In "Potty Mouth," he is portrayed with a lime-green color and is implied to be made up of Jack's Lime Slushie composed vomit.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 1


  • In the app he is a member of the Sad Ghosts.
  • He is one of the seven boss ghosts from seasons 1 and 2 who has no indicated connections to Lady E. the others are the Bawa, Samuel Mason, Tragico, Harry Cane, Rat Shaun, and Joe Ishmael.
    • However, it isn't confirmed that he works for her.
  • He's so far the only ghost who's made from inanimate objects rather than a living being.
  • He is the second Boss Ghost to be defeated before the Battle of Newbury High School.
    • The first was Anomalo.
    • However, he is the first Ghost in the series to have been destroyed rather than captured, as he exploded into a large pile of gloom.
  • For unknown reasons, he is coloured in lime-green in "Potty Mouth" instead of blue.
  • It may be because there is no lime green color in the LEGO® Hidden Side™ app, instead there were only blue, red, and yellow colors.
    • The show does imply he is made of regurgitated lime slushie, which would explain the lime green colour.
  • His name is a pun on "spew," another way of saying "vomit.'
  • According to advertisement media for 70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000, Spewer's original name was 'Sludge'.
  • He is the fifth Ghost to be fused with an object.


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