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“You stole the Lady's favorite toy!”
Mr. Nibs to Spencer

The Teddy Bear is the Soul Artifact of Mr. Nibs


Face Your Fears

When Parker and Jack head inside Newbury High School, they spot a painting of Lady E. holding her Teddy Bear.

Soon, they would see it again as the Ghost Hunters appear from the rubble after the elevator crash. Suddenly, it lights up and Mr. Nibs comes into sight.

When Parker and Jack board Sweet Sally, Spencer also enters with the Teddy Bear in his mouth.


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Ghost Hunters' Vehicles: Doom Buggy · Stunt Plane · Stunt Truck · Phantom Fire Truck 3000 · J.B.'s Submarine · Sweet Sally
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Soul Artifact: Axe · Cutlass · Erlenmeyer Flask · Lantern · Master Key · Meat Cleaver · Monkey Wrench · Oil Can · Pickaxe · Radio Set · Sextant · Six-Shooter · Teddy Bear
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Soul Artifact: Hot Dog