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“My loyal followers. Tonight, the Hidden Side will no longer be hidden. The veil will be lifted, and I will reign over Newbury!”
Lady E.

The Lighthouse, Part 1 is the eighth episode of the second season and the eighteenth episode overall of LEGO Hidden Side. It was released April 16, 2020.

Official Description

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Lady E arrives in Newbury and threatens to take over the town, absorbing the powers of other ghosts to grow her own. And when our heroes run to face her, she unleashes the biggest monster they’ve ever seen! How are they going to get out of that one?!


Upon reaching the Fatal Reef Lighthouse, Lady Evelina meets all her remaining Boss Ghosts, except for Mr. Nibs. They congratulate her on getting out of the Hidden Side, but she tells them that she still needs their souls to open the portals to the Hidden Side, and promptly takes their souls. Then she flies up to the lighthouse to begin opening portals.

The Ghost Hunters arrive in their various modes of transportation: J.B. and Spencer in Sweet Sally, Douglas in his plane, and Jack and Parker in jet skis. Lady Evelina sees them arriving, and casts her power into the water causing Joe Ishmael to rise up from it.

Using his spyglass, Joe Ishmael blasts power at Jack and Parker, who shoot at him with their phones. J.B. tells them that his weakness is his eyes, and then proceeds to go after Lady E. Hearing this, Douglas attacks Joe Ishmael with his stunt plane, causing him to drop his spyglass. Weakened, Joe Ishmael is shot at and captured by Jack.

Before they can celebrate, however, J.B. informs the Ghost Hunters that Lady E. has opened up portals all over Newbury.


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  • Lady E. was named as "Lady G." in the official description.
  • Mr. Nibs is credited, but he doesn't appear in the episode.
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