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“We could use Sweet Sally! If we overload her components and get her to the lighthouse, she'll explode in a blast of ghost-trapping energy! It might just be strong enough to capture her!”

The Lighthouse, Part 2 is the ninth and final episode of the second season[1] and the nineteenth episode overall of LEGO Hidden Side. It was released on April 23, 2020.

Official Description

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The worst has happened: the lighthouse has fallen to the evil power of Lady E., and the rest of Newbury is next. Our heroesphone apps aren’t strong enough to contain her. J.B. has an idea that could stop Lady E. – but it will mean saying goodbye to a dear friend. What will it take?


Jack and Parker get off of their jet skis and run over to the lighthouse to confront Lady E. When they reach the top, they shoot at Lady E. with their phone app. However, this only causes her light to go out, making it hard to see where she is. They try to shoot based on where her voice is coming from, but Lady E. is quick enough to avoid their orbs.

Taking them by surprise, Lady E. appears in front of them. Before either Jack or Parker are able to use their phones, she uses her power to push them off the top of the lighthouse. Douglas flies his plane beneath them to stop their fall, but they land on the plane's wings instead of the backseat, causing the plane to overbalance and crash.

J.B. and Spencer arrive, coming out of Sweet Sally to check that they are alright. When they are, J.B. suggests a way to stop Lady E.: causing Sweet Sally to explode. Since she insists that it is the only way, Jack, Parker, and J.B. get into the bus. While J.B. drives toward the lighthouse, Jack and Parker press all the buttons. Once they have done so, they go to the front of the bus to shoot at all the Ghosts Lady E. sends to block the way.

As they get closer to the lighthouse, they all jump out, and watch the bus explode into Ghost-Trapping Energy. They find Lady E. on the ground, and J.B. quickly captures her with her phone. Jack and Parker congratulate her on her success, but she still feels bad about sacrificing Sweet Sally. However, when firefighters arrive in their firetruck, J.B. cheers up, claiming that it will be the next Sweet Sally. She runs over to it.

Meanwhile, Jack, Parker, and Douglas talk about what it will be like to not have to worry about hunting Ghosts. In the middle of discussing this however, Douglas points out that Ghosts are still coming out of the portals Lady E. opened. Enthusiastically, Jack, Parker and J.B. begin shooting at Ghosts.


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