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You're going to die! Easy as pie!”
— Tragico

Tragico (also known as the Laughing Man) is a Boss Ghost clown that hangs out in the Newbury Fairground.

Official Description

Site Bio

Riddle me this: what floats and is scarier than a clown? You got it – it’s a ghost clown. Ugh! Before he became a ghost, Tragico was a pretty rubbish clown. He really tried, but he just couldn’t make people laugh. Over time, all that clown failure turned into clown anger. Have you ever seen an angry clown? Even worse – an angry ghost clown? It ain’t pretty. Watch out with this one. Really, we’re not being funny.

App Bio

Crossed over during a fatal balloon swallowing act. Still desperately failing to entertain.


Carnival of Doom

While Parker and Jack are exploring Happy World, Tragico is spying on them and lures them into the House of Mirrors. Inside, he uses the evil reflection of Parker and Jack to capture them.

Parker and Jack are seen tied on a roller coaster with Tragico stopping the coaster. He attempts to throw Gloom at them, but he misses. Parker then demands to be released, and Tragico instead pushes the coaster down the tracks.

Luckily, they are saved by Douglas, who coaster crashes. However he is able to rebuild himself, and asks if he can do it again. Tragico allows him to ride another roller coaster while Parker and Jack put off capturing Tragico.


Tragico is a clown-type Ghost with a lofty body. He has three heads which constantly changes depending on his emotions and is colored cyan. On the top of his head, he owns a top-hat and a unique hairstyle.


Clown Car (App)

Tragico can deploy a car that will summon decoys over time.


Tragico, like all Ghosts, can throw balls of Gloom on his enemies to harm them or to haunt buildings or objects.


Tragico, like all Ghosts, can possess humans and turn them into Gloombies.



LEGO Hidden Side

Season 2


  • “If you insist! But you'll cease to exist!”
  • “See ya!”
  • “As you wish! You'll get squished!”


  • He is a member of the Anger Ghosts.
  • His name is a pun on "tragic."
    • His name also contains half of the word "tragicomedy," meaning a play or novel containing elements of both comedy and tragedy.
  • Due to the Haunted Fairground and The Lighthouse of Darkness sets having the same prices, he and Joe Ishmael are the final Boss Ghosts of the second LEGO Hidden Side wave.
  • He is one of the few Boss Ghosts who isn't mentioned when registering the set their in on the App.
  • He has three heads, which all have different emotions (sad, angry, and wild), representing the three ghost types.
  • Similar to Mamali in "Parents Just Don't Understand," Tragico seems to speak in rhyme.
  • He is the second Boss Ghost to have a known cause of death.
  • Although it's not shown, he was presumably captured after the ending of "Carnival of Doom".
  • In the app, Tragico and Lady E's charge shots are high-speed.
  • Like Lady E. and Trucker Dale, Tragico can fire swirling volleys of red gloom at the Hunter in single-player mode.
  • Despite having big-fig hands, Tragico's build is not a standard big-fig body.
  • Though Tragico holds a horn in his left hand and an umbrella in his right hand, these objects don't appear "Carnival of Doom".


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