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hello im the guy whos called holo
i helped out a lot so cool :)))))))
use my user templates :) ty
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holo's stuff

p.s i created the main page welcome template (19092019)

pls check out my wiki elemental legends wiki (21092019)

quick fanon hidden side wiki (26092019)

two hundred edits!! yayayayay (27092019)

ten days on the wiki! :) (27092019)

two weeks on the wiki! (01102019)

three hundred edits!!! (03122019)

four hundred edits!!!! woop! also 1k achievement points!! (05122019)

ive already got 500 edits yoot!!!!! (07122019)

lucky 6000th edit yayayayay! (08122019)

the speed champions wiki (10122019)

600 edits yey (13122019)

wow ive done 400 edits in 13 days cool 700 edits btw (15122019)

started the stargirl wiki (16122019)

800 edits yeet (18122019)

merry christmas 2k19! (25122019)

woop got 900 edits :] (26122019)

my computers getting a fix so using my phone for now :/ (31122019)

happy new year! its the next decade! 2020 yeet! (01012020)

1k edits finally wow (05012020)

yooo 1.1k edits (11012020)

devoted :] 2k achievement points! (18012020)

1.2k edits cool bois (21012020)

happy lunar new year! (25012020)

1.3k edits yuss (30012020)

got 1.4k edits now :] (12022020)

lucky 10000th edit on the wiki wow (15022020)

contributed for 60 days woo (17022020)

15 hundo edits :) (24022020)

edit count: 1.6k (02032020)

yessss i got lucky 11000th edit too (03032020)

1700 edits cool (04032020)

edit count is now 18 hundo (06032020)

got 1.9k edits bois :> (11032020)

so i lost my 85 day edit streak... (15032020)

2k edits wow (17032020)

lucky 12000th edit wow i got 3 in a row (17032020)

got 21 hundred edits (23032020)

im admin on lca wiki now (01042020)

2.2k edits woo haven't been much active (10042020)

didn't realize i got 2.3k edits (04052020)

woa i got lucky 15000th edit (08052020)

2.4k edits cool (12052020)

check out lca wiki im bcrat there (17052020)

edits → 2.5k (28052020)

16000th edit is mine wow im lucky (28052020)

im doing bot work so got 2.6k edits (17062020)

2.7k edits also i added wave 3 sets in usertemplates (26062020)

2800 edits 2 months later also for the first time im semi-active (26082020)

1 year of the wiki :] (07092020)

3k edits woah (10092020)

1 year of content mod (10212020)

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