Hidden Side Wiki

The gamer formerly known as Gamerboi17.

Haven't been here for a while due to my fading interest in Hidden Side. If you want to contact me please do so, be it on here or on Community Central.

Now enjoy editing and watching Hidden Side! XD.

Some information

Since Hidden Side was announced, Mysteryman3177 (now "Anonymous_432452") founded this wiki back on 2019 (ah the memories). But there was yet another wiki created a week ago, founded by MixelSans. An argument then started between the two founders on which wiki should stand. I decided to be neutral about everything that concerns these discussions and to not get involved.

The controversy continued for four days, until Mixel requested to close his wiki. But there still were discussions on the URL. Mystery's was "the-hidden-side.fandom.com", and Mixel's was "hiddenside.fandom.com". But everything was sorted out, the wikis got merged, and the URL was shorten.

Then we moved to this wiki, had significant contributions made, and got ourselves some staff positions due to edit count. I continued to create pages, and help new and unexperienced users.

Suddenly, the tables are turned - Mystery demoted MixelSans because of creating an "inappropriate" Discord server. He accused him of "blackmail and conspiracy" and therefore, demoted him. I was disappointed but tried to act positive.

But that's not it, he claims Mixels doesn't have much edits for Bureaucrat material... honestly, edits don't even matter. Thankfully, this discussion was solved, we agreed to use the Discord server, and had Henrik, Mixel, and Printer be bureaucrats. We continued our doings. I was mostly implementing transcripts to this wiki. To be continued...